Random Spring Memories

I had a fantastic day fishing with a dry fly early in the season – on the Kelvin.

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  • j d buchanan

    hi i am a new follower of your diary,live near springburn and am going to loin this yeari was wondering how to get a permit and if you could tell me the best places to fish between maryhill and kirkintilloch

    yours in fishing
    j d

  • Hey JD – thanks for commenting – you can buy permits for next season in the Glasgow Angling Centre, Gaffaro Brothers and most other fishing stores.

    The best places to fly fish for trout between maryhill and kirkintilloch are essentially between maryhill and kirkintilloch 🙂

    Check out: http://theriverkelvin.co.uk/

  • Oh aye – for other questions ask in the Kelvin Forum – http://urbanflyfisher.com/forum/

  • Andy

    So Alistair – where’s all the posts on your pike adventures, have you given up??!!

  • Not at all – Still at it – bit slow of late due to doing lots of DIY at the moment due to new arrival – when I say lots I mean LOTS – just now I have just taken my hall carpet and a room full of laminate to the recycling centre – I am now painting my bedroom and then putting a border up in the nursary.

    I reckon my next post will be my review of the Esox Lucius Pike Fly Rod 9 foot for an 9/10

    You been out at all Andy? If you have, why don’t you submit a guest post with any pictures and I will post it :-)- usual rules about not naming specific places apply !

  • Andy

    I would totally do a post, but our “new arrival” came 2 weeks ago and I haven’t been out since, but am hoping on a trip maybe this coming week. Luckily my wife know’s how crap I am at DIY so we always get a joiner in to do anything 🙂

  • Congratulations 🙂

    Girl or Boy ?

  • Andy

    Girl – Mollie is her name. Freakin cute she is as well. Yours is due January yes?

  • Yup – January – sleepless nights?