Ran out of nymphs…

So I received a phone call from a pal – he was heading out to my “Shit Pipe” river – meanwhile I am having a night at home as my better half is on night shift – there was a time that having a wife that worked shifts was great – now with a child all bets are off.

I received the call to say he had just lost  a nice trout on a nymph – he reckoned it was round a pound – he was using a dry and dropper. Using a dry and dropper has been pretty much the way I have been fishing over the last couple of trips out and I have been doing pretty well with it – I am planning on a trip to my other wee stream at some point and remembered the fact I was down to about 2 nymphs in my box.

Somehow I had managed to leave the majority of nymphs in gigantic trout that stubbornly pretended they were rocks and stuck fast to the bottom of the river – sometimes they were caught in trees next to the Kelvin.

I got my gear out – I used some lovely Poly Seal that gave the nymphs a great translucency about them..

They looked nice and buggy...

The fur comes in pretty much all colours you would ever want a bug to look like – usually I have two colours of nymphs – natural rabbit fur or dyed olive rabbit fur.

Fly Rite Poly Seal

For this evenings nymphs I used some olive and some kinda maroon stuff – I was pleased with the results. As I was having a look through my box I came across something I had totally forgot about – some vouchers for the Glasgow Angling Centre – I reckon I am going to get my ass along there tomorrow and by some Tungsten Beads as sometimes I feel my nymphs are just a tad on the light side – sometimes you want them to sink down fast and really scape that bottom.

Sexy Vice...

Heck – I enjoyed tying up those nymphs – I sat and drank a glass of wine with a cheesy sci fi film on in the background – it was great fun. I imagined how many trout I may catch on those nymphs (it is the wine that makes me optimistic) rather than how many would get stuck in trees or stuck in the back of my jacket.

I received a picture text message later in the evening from my pal at the stinky river..

And it was caught on a ....

…it was caught on a Woolly Bugger – Oh Man, I thought, I have about one of those left in my box as well. Turns out he had been losing loads of nymphs so had decided to try for the nice trout he had lost on the nymph when he had first got there – the lovely trout had nailed the bugger as soon as it hit the water.

Looks like I will be tying up some Wooly Buggers next too.


  1. Campbell S · August 10, 2010

    When you gonna finish tying those nymphs?

  2. Alistair · August 10, 2010

    All that is missing from those bad boys is a trout Campbell !

  3. Campbell S · August 10, 2010

    I was think more along the lines of tails, hackles or wing buds….

  4. Alistair · August 10, 2010

    It is bad enough just now when they get caught on a shopping trolley never mind spending ages tying in tails … you can give me a selection of yours if you like next time we fish so I can see if they are better 🙂

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