Interestingly there has not been the usual crowd of guys fishing the Kelvin this year for Salmon and the word on the street is the fishing for Salmon on the Kelvin has been = “total shite this year” (according to the chap in Dumbarton who owns the food shop and served me my roll n’ bacon with potato scone doubler)

You need a big net!

Personally I have not noticed that much of a difference – every time I have been at the river I have seen fish and guys I meet are catching Salmon, again I met a guy who bought his permit on the Saturday drove to the river and caught a Salmon on the “Snakes” (not set lining I must add, rather trotting his worms). My pal Atkins has had his usual amount and Paul Reid lost a 20lb fish up at Torrance. I am happy at the rumours of no fish as it means there is more space for the guys that do manage to get out. Sadly I met one guy who was chucking the trout he had caught “accidentally” back into the river – not returning but chucking – he had also killed a couple of trout one for his dog and one for his cat at home. And you wonder why paid bailiffs do not get voted through at the AGM eh?

Fishing the Rapala - Paul Reid

I suppose we will know when the catch returns come in – speaking of catch returns I was interested to read that the Mid Clyde Angling Association have admitted in the Scotsman they knowingly lie to the Crown Estates each year to keep their rent down – that was kinda brave I thought!

Anyway, I am currently trying to find some time to fit some fishing in between baby duties – wish me luck!