Raining!!! Caught at the last min…

It’s now pissing down with rain out there. It has been warm and overcast all day, I suppose threatening it really but I thought like yesterday it would not come to anything. I was supposed to be fishing the River Gryffe and was going to get the train but my better half decided to give me a lift (just as well as it turned out) As we were approaching where I was to be dropped off there was a few spits of rain….then the clouds opened and it has been miserable ever since. Damn, I am working tomorrow but I suppose I may get a few hours in the morning if I get the chance, although saying that this rain might cloud the river.

Ach well, it will do the river good!
It will also mean the Salmon fishers will be out in full force. I had am email off someone telling me about the bunch of guys heading up with a couple of bait rods each to a popular bit for Salmon. Ah well!!