Rained Off.

I got to the river at around 6pm, it was up around a foot an running a dark color. There was some visibility in it as pointed out by John in the comments so I was kinda hopeful as I started. I wanted to try out the Tenkara rod that I had swapped for an ad in the sidebar however first I used my conventional rod to check out whether there would be any point.

No pictures as to be honest I could not be bothered transferring a picture of the rain from my camera to my computer. Instead here is a random photo of my last years permit.

2011 Permit.

Thinking about it I must have got to the river at around half six as I got back in the car at 7pm with the rain bouncing off my car windscreen.

Plans dashed by the rain as usual – it is a common theme or this year.



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  1. Peter · September 4, 2012

    Think we`ve only been out 7-8 times this season, makes you wonder why bother. There seems to be permanent rainclouds over the hills and according to the boffins, this could become the norm for British summers.

    For sale Greys 7`6″ 4 piece 3WT STREAMFLEX rod and 2/3WT Streamlite Reel Unused due to constant rain lol (only joking, buy your own)

    looks like it`s going to be the dreaded fisheries for the foreseeable future.

  2. Alistair · September 4, 2012

    The one saving grace is the trout fishing was pretty amazing before the rain – I had never caught so many good trout from the river.

    Still a kick in the nuts though!

  3. John Dory · September 4, 2012

    Ah it was nice in the afternoon I could see my feet when I was waiding, you were just unlucky about the rain. I was out for a good few hours and lost a fish due to probably striking to quick as the wee fella jumped off rather quickly (1st season on the kelvin+fly) but apart from that nothing else was biting, but it did feel good to just get on the water.

    This week is looking up though and I’m sure there is plenty a wee trout to be had.