Rainbows in the Kelvin??

So I have been getting a few emails about rainbows being caught in the Kelvin. So far as I can make out it was just an isolated occurrence. It probably got in from Carbeth Fishery, I mean it certainly wasn’t stocked intentionally or anything.
The good thing is that I reckon Carbeth would not want to be losing any of their fish anyway so the hole will get plugged toot sweet


  1. alan atkins · June 24, 2005

    I ahve caught rainbows on quite a few occasions in the Kelvin.Whne i asked Ken at the Anglers Rendezvous about it he said that escapees had been turning up for a few years now,and that he thought that they went to sea,stealheads in the kelvin!!??,theres a thought.

  2. Alistair · June 24, 2005


    Have emailed you a couple of times, not sure I have your correct email address, fancy mailing me at

    remove the #nospam#

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