Rain, rain and a bit more rain (with some extas)

If you do not live in Scotland then I don’t have to tell you the weather has been bad. For my international readers I can tell you the Scotland is stuck with an area of low pressure that is causing wild winds, torrential rain, thunder n lightning (with hailstones) and generally making fishing impossible. When I was out working today (solving people’s problems) I passed by this little burn that is usually only a couple of feet wide.
wee burn
Yup, just by looking at it I can pretty much say that there will be no grayling fishing this side of Christmas in fact this side of the New Year if this rain does not shift soon. It has now been raining for most of November- all rivers are bursting their banks and some of the roads today were flooded – a lot of this water in Glasgow will be washing into the Kelvin – last time that happened it burst its banks pretty badly!
I am planning a little Pike fishing trip as all the brownies are all away humping. I have lost the will for stocky bashing – I feel like I am selling my soul to the devil. Hell if I am going to stand about in the cold I want to catch a proper fish, not a genetically modified, non indigenous, sexless fat beast using a fly that looks like a Christmas decoration.

Now where are those “little gems” and “Fat Dawgs”

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  1. Andrew · December 13, 2006

    Hmm… that burn is looking tricky. How about a #16 GRHE on the point with a team of breeze blocks on a dropper? That might keep the fly down. Would be as well keep your casting to a minimum though.

    Anyway, good luck with the pike.

  2. Bryce Scobie · December 13, 2006

    Have you tried Kilmardinny pond in Bearsden for pike? It used to be pretty good when I fished it years ago. Herring was the bait of choice then, though I got about an eight pounder on a wee Devon minnow while spinning for perch.
    Tight lines.

  3. john mcelroy · December 13, 2006

    stockie bashing is the equivalent of devil worship!

    the mighty tay opens on jan 15th so get up there and try your luck.if last year is anything to go by the grilse might turn up in january…

    in september last year we had grilse to 2 1/2lb

    something is happening but it ain’t exactly clear…

  4. alan atkins · December 13, 2006

    Looks like the rest of the week is to be dry and cold, perfect conditions for the grayling, we should get a cast before Xmas. Alistair, i willtry the other river or perhaps the Annan at Annandale Estates. Someone also told me the Nith just downstream of New Cumnock has some large specimens. Get in touch in you fancy a cast this weekend

  5. Alistair · December 13, 2006


    I have been told by the old ball n chain that I cannot hang my waders up to dry so I am snookered !


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