Rain and Smellyphants

Well hello from Sunny Sri Lamka….well in fact it is not actually sunny it has been raining the last few days…..not normal rain though…wild monsoon rain.Does not matter as we have done all the fun stuff anyway (including the wedding which i came over for). Stayed in a little village complex in the middle of a jungle where you could not go out at night in case the wild elephants trampled you…woohoo…woke up in the morning with monkeys chapping at the door and turtle things acting like doorstops. Speaking of elephants went for an elephant ride and almost fell off……im telling you….those big things should be called smellyphants!!

I will bore you with some photos when I get home…..rain seems to be clearing im away for a walk along the beach. Also Im paying a stupid amount of cash to check my mails but gmail doesnt work with ie5….grrrrrrr!!!

Ta Ta

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  1. jason · September 7, 2004

    Wait a minute… You’re in Sri Lanka? You’re confusing the hell out of me, Alistaire. You mentioned that you were going on “holiday for a couple of weeks”, but I didn’t realize you were going to Sri Lanka. You crazy Europeans and your month long vacations.

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