Purists- thats what we are!

So BBC weather said it was going to be sleeting today, ha that is a laugh: considering as how my first trip of the season was cancelled because of this. At around 1430 today it was actually quite warm with a little sun on the water. I could certainly imagine large dark olives hatching in weather like this. In fact I pretty much know they will. Tomorrow come hail (likely) or shine (unlikely) I will be venturing forth to try and catch my first trout of the season on a dry fly.

If that does not work I have a bunch of heavily weighted nymphs with lead and Alex says he is bringing worms and pink prawns for Salmon.

Oh purists where are you now!


  1. jim burns · March 25, 2006

    Went down to the river today at about 2. River was very coloured where I was fishing. As you say weighted nymph was best option.Had a couple of light tugs but did not connect with any of these fish.But was not that disappointed as got to try out new rod. Good luck tomorrow, Iam off to GAC open weekend to see some of their guest anglers and see some of their flytying demostrations.

  2. Alan Atkins · March 25, 2006

    Alistair, weather warmer and after overnight rain expectations for a cats on Saturday were high, yeah right !! Went for a cast at my favourate stretch to discover the water coloured and really too high for fly fishing. Saw acouple of olives and the wee black gnats again.No trout in sight. I put on acouple of beaded nymphs and a large bushy stewarts spider, nowt, not even a tug. Due to family stuff io did not start until 3.30 and fished till 5 , so mabye i started too late. I reckon conditions will be good once the river setles after this rain, temp’s seem encouraging now though

  3. Alistair · March 25, 2006

    I wish now I had went to fish one of the tributories on Saturday. the one I looked at was at a good height with nice clear water- I watched some small trout darting around as well. Ah well, this weekend is a possibility 🙂
    The temps are looking fine to me now Alan, I reckon that is the last of the cold out the way !

  4. Alan Atkins · March 25, 2006

    Lets hope so Alistair. With all this rain i’m taking a flexi day on wednesday and off to the Teith in search of a springer. Hopefully, i will beout on the dear Kelvin at the weekend , will report back next week.

  5. Alistair · March 25, 2006

    All going well I will probably be heading down this weekend as well, let me know where you will be nearer the time and we could meet up for a chat !

  6. Alan Atkiins · March 25, 2006

    Sounds good Alistair. I have to take my 6 year old to a party in glasgow at 11, and will be free until 4 ish, so give me a bell on my mobile.If the water too big for the trout we could try for an early silver tourist, abloke i met last season said a couple were caught in the spring last year but he could have been havering !!

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