Predicting the weather = Talking rubbish

I could not help but notice the temperature has really taken a dip over the last few weeks and as usual the media are stirring themselves up to a frenzy.

Scotland braced for worst winter in decades

Where the hell am I?

I mean I am aware we had a couple of bad winters however last winter was actually ok apart from the length of it – it hung around like a bad smell for ages. If the is one thing I have learned over the last decade it is that folk that try and predict the weather get it wrong more often than not. I am not talking about predicting the weather for tomorrow as the chances are it will be pretty similar as today, I am talking about the “it will be a great/terrible summer/winter” brigade.

Saying that if we have a rubbish winter the chances are it will be yet another 1 bar on the heater situation with me currently still looking for a house. We have actually found a house however it is a fair bit outside the city – bit of a shocker that eh? It would mean a good 40min drive to the Kelvin however considering some folk have got to drive over an hour to get to their trout stream I guess I will be doing ok.

Any of you wanna predict the weather?


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  1. rc47 · November 3, 2013

    Alistair,Most of Europe have the Infrastructure to deal with a hard winter,but unfortunately;this is not the case in Scotland and the rest of G.B.The last couple of winters were a warning,and schould be acted apon.Ever tried ice fishing ?????????

  2. Alistair · November 3, 2013

    To be fair last winter was actually ok – the two before that were pretty bad though. I think the problem is that the weather is so unpredictable that you can just not prepare for it!

  3. Alex · November 3, 2013

    This winter, I predict we will get weather