Populour Fly Tiers…

Flies you just dont want to fish!!

Some peoples flies just look too good to fish!! It made me think what makes a populour fly tier. In the states you have people like AK Best who are obviously masters at what they do but when it comes to the UK I was trying to work out how many there actually are. The first two that immediatly spring to mind are Charles Jardine and Oliver Kite.
I watched Charles Jardine at two demonstrations now at a fly tying club I drop in and out of and he is very very good I must say….certainly full of the patter. I didnt manage to catch Oliver Kite however.
Someone who in years to come will become to be one of those tyers who will build up a big reputation is going to be Roy Christie. He usually posts under the name of “reversed parachutes” on the various boards that he visits. he calls himself reversed parachutes for a very obvious reason……..he um reverses his….er parachutes!
Here is his Avon Special….
Avon special

have a look at this mating midge…

parachute mating midge

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