Pike Flies

After last weeks bonanza I was on the phone making plans to attack the Forth and Clyde canal for Pike. I bought some materials the other day and they have been sitting around just waiting for me to tie up some killing patterns.

So last night I decided to tie up some Pike Flies. I have never actually tied any so these two flashy monstrosities are my first attempts. I must say they were quite satisfying tying them up, adding as much materials as I wanted and making them as flashy as possible……hmmm a bit of red tinsel looks like a trail of blood.
pike flies

Of course if they dont work i will pick up some pike flies on ebay next week.

Looking forward to it!

7 comments to Pike Flies

  • Nicely done. They look quite like some of the trout streamers I tied up last season. Only brought myself to fish them once or twice as they looked barmy..

  • Alistair

    What about casting them, did you find it difficult ?

  • Well let’s just say it helped to duck on the forward cast..!
    Seriously though, depending on the line rating of your rod they can be a beast to cast well. Though actually this also depends on how heavily you’ve weighted them. With a bit of practice though you’ll be fishing no probs.

  • Alistair

    Not weighted them at all, should be fishing them quite shallow in the forth and clyde canal.

    Hey actually, you fancy joing us ?


  • Alex

    Nice flies!

    No Christmas decorations for you guys this year then?!


  • Alistair

    Possibly your shrunken head 🙂