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Hiya, I have actually been doing some fishing but unfortunetly there has been a major clash of the titans between work and my intense fly fishing addiction. In the meantime, why dont you check out my photo gallery…


 Next week i am meeting up with Gareth from Fishing in Wales and Mike from Tamanawis – it should be interesting getting together with some of my blogging neighbours – well I see Mike quite a lot but quite possibly there will be some kind of blogging bolt of lightening when we all get together.

Please let me know how your season is coming along in the comments section, if I cannot go fishing all the time it would be nice to hear from people who can.

Oh, and the new edition of Fish Wild is out.



  1. Ian Scott · August 3, 2007

    How my fishing season has been coming along… heh…

    Well, mostly good! Although I have not posted much recently. I still need to do up a report of my awesome day with Stevie Munn on the Sixmile Water River in County Antrim, N.I. Bad timing, bad weather (sunshine, low 30’s C., and no rain for two weeks) but a great day nonetheless.

    Some family and friend health issues took centre stage – but I’ve been doing a lot of practice with my Greys M2 10 1/2 rod I picked up in Belfast, practicing loch style casting. Haven’t been focussing much on catching fish; more on trying to get technique down.

    Then had some fantastic coaching from a loch style and spey caster this evening. Totally screwed me up for a bit as far as some technique goes… but once I got it down… it was quite good.

    As far as fish caught per fly fishing hour, it’s probably been one of my lowest ratios ever. But then, I have been working on a totally different “type” of fishing that I’ve seldom done before – and working more on “technique” than trying to catch fish at the moment.

    Fly fishing from a rowboat while sitting on a thwart board IS different in many respects than standing in a water waving a stick.

  2. John Hansen · August 3, 2007

    Our private road in Bardowie is now again being subjected to swarms of your members parking to fish. Who do you think takes away the ugly mess of squidged MacDonalds packs, food wrappers, drinks bottles and cans that come back with you every year?
    We maintain and pay for this road and it is not cheap. What happened to the contribution to our road fund your club has been promising us year after year?

  3. Alistair · August 3, 2007

    Hi John,

    I have every sympathy with you – I think it is disgusting that people leave litter and in our lovely countryside. It is people like the ones you are talking about that give us all a bad name.
    I remmember talking about this issue last year on the commitee (I am not on it any more – I disagreed with someone and they decided not to invite me back) and they never came up with a viable solution.
    I think you might find though that a lot of the guys who are using your road and leaving litter are not even members of the club, considering the Kelvin does not even have a bailiff there is nothing that can be done. I suppose you could talk to your local MP – complain about it bitterly – say the club is not even willing to put up a couple of “private fishing” signs and police it properly.
    Other than that I dont know what else to suggest – I suppose you could put upa gate with a lock and stop the people coming down your road.

    By the way, I now have no connections to the club – this is a purely personal web site.


  4. nikki · August 3, 2007

    hi my name is nikki and me and my boyfriend have got fishing permits for the kelvin we stay at yorkhill do u know any good fishing spots thanks very much nikki i love fishing

  5. nikki · August 3, 2007

    well here is a wee story about me and my boyfriend his name is andy well here goes we when to the vet school at the kelvin and was fishing away and that day deer came to over to me and started walking past me in the water i was really cool it was inches away from me and did not catch that day so the deer made up for that

  6. Alistair · August 3, 2007

    Hi Nikki,
    A lovely story about the deer – things like that really make my day – even when I have caught no fish I think a session is worthwhile if you come away with a nice story to tell someone. There are in fact a lot of deer all up and down the Kelvin green corridor that goes right into the centre of the West End.
    As for other spots, well – the best advice I can really give you is to get you waders/wellys on and get exploring – I think I have had fish or seen fish in most parts of the river – just be careful when you are climbing over fences.

  7. nikki · August 3, 2007

    hi alister thanks for reply well we have found a good spot to fish we have caught a few brownies just under a one pound but put them back so they get bigger i also caught a sea trout for the first time and it was amazing it was just over a pound and yesturday we saw some1 catch seven pound samon and were we fish u can see them jump well al keep u posted and thanks for taking ur time to reply 🙂

  8. nikki · August 3, 2007

    hiya lister just read john comment it is so untidy and its just down to ppl not looking after it i can a ensure u i take my rubish with me so thats 1 less i love the kelvin

  9. nikki · August 3, 2007

    hi alister i thought i would let u know i went to the kelvin last night and catched 2 1lb brow trout and got some fight of them

  10. Alistair · August 3, 2007

    Hi Nikki,

    Well done – how did you catch them – were you fly fishing or using other methods ?


  11. nikki · August 3, 2007

    hi alistair well i was using bait and went fishing today and boy friend caught a fish and we dont know what it is but mouth was under body and had barbs out front was only about half pound but never seen one before it had a shade of olive coloure saw have i caught this week

  12. Alistair · August 3, 2007

    Hey Nikki

    I wonder if it was a Perch ?

    Did it look like this

  13. nikki · August 3, 2007

    hi alistair well i know it was not a perch the fish was the same couloer as perch with out the black stipes and it had barbs on it we think it was a barble so do u get prech in the river as well then well just found out were we fish is the old mill so do u fish there and what have u catched this week .before we fished the kelvin we used to go to calleder and go to all the diffrent loch i like loch venica all the best nikki 🙂

  14. Alistair · August 3, 2007

    Did it look like this ?


  15. nikki · August 3, 2007

    yes thats it and it was alot smaller than that but yes that was it i saw a minke if thats the right spelling did u catch that barbel in the kelvin

  16. nikki · August 3, 2007

    what other fish r in the river

  17. Alistair · August 3, 2007

    No Nikki, that was just a picture I found – to be nonest I had no idea there was Barbel in the Kelvin – were you quite close to where the Kelvin runs into the Clyde ?


  18. nikki · August 3, 2007

    yes alistair i was it was a good day when we caught that barbel as we have not had 1 before and we aslo saw a mink fishing:)

  19. nikki · August 3, 2007

    hi alistair howz u am good still doing lots of fishing i thought i would send u some of my photos so how have u been and how is the fishing going am having a great time just now fishing the water is high wich makes fishing better

  20. nikki · August 3, 2007

    i dont now how to send them can u advise thanks

  21. Alistair · August 3, 2007

    Hey Nikki,

    I have sent you an email, simply reply to that mail with the pictures attached !


  22. nikki · August 3, 2007

    well do u ever fish at the oldmill thats were i fish if so let me now when u r going and we can say hi to each other i am normaly on the bridge at the water falls if u see a grl there u now its mr i am the only girl that fishes there yeha i love fishing very much i would like to meet paul young xx

  23. nikki · August 3, 2007

    i would like to setup at page like urs how do i do it can u help plz i am just new to computers i have had this for about 6 mounths and still hopless at it lol

  24. Alistair · August 3, 2007

    Hey Nikki,

    No I dont fish down at that part of the river, saying that though some of the trout you have caught are pretty impressive, might make me head down there at some point !

    Hmmmm as for setting up a blog like this – there is plenty of info around on how to set up blogs – google it 🙂


  25. Alistair · August 3, 2007

    By the way, I take it that is where you got that Barbel?


  26. nikki · August 3, 2007

    yes that were we catched the berbel and today we got 8lb salmon well we think it was 8lb i will try and send u it
    and we catch 2 brown trout and they were 2lb i dont no if u were on my bebo but i have add more photos and am going to add the salmon just now u should cheak it out were we go 🙂

  27. nikki · August 3, 2007

    well got my blog set up not that good but take a look and see what u think

  28. nikki · August 3, 2007

    hi alistir my boy friend vatched a 10lb salmon last week if u go to my blog u will see it

  29. nikki · August 3, 2007

    hi well we did not go to airdrie we went to carbeth instead it was agd day but to esay as it is a fishery gd luck for the session 🙂

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