Peeing in waders?

Jeffrey Priest over at Taunted by Waters was talking about how once an angler gets to a certain age having good access (like a zip) in the front of waders can be handy as you need to go for a pee quickly. Getting to the riverbank, taking off your vest, taking down your waders, opening your fly and releasing the beast may take a tad longer than what you may like for the “older” gent. Not just the older gent actually as my bladder is not known to hold out long after a few cups of coffee. The other day in the boat I was thankfull when Alex took a piss in the bailing bucket as I was thinking I may have to try and pee over the side of the boat – I had totally forgotton the bailing bucket tip.

Well, fear no more Jeffrey and others who may be caught short I have just the thing:

Could this be the next “big thing” ?

Never let it be said I was not a visionary who was willing to think a bit outside the box. With this device you need not even need to get out the river to pee never mind think about waders that have a zip. Bang a Hardy or Fishtec logo on the side of the member and you are talking fifty bucks right there.

Remember, you seen it here first.


  1. Great stuff, do they make them small enough for you to review in the field? I love how the “knob pocket” is in a flesh colour. Quality.

  2. Good grief, this is a serious issue and you guys are making size jokes.

    Maybe it is all about the size of the logo – the big ones will have “fishtec Tackle” down the side and the wee ones just “Hardy”!

    Campbell, I am sure you will be able to buy a “Loop”!

  3. Possibly Monday if the boss says yes. Clydebank Fire Station open day tommorow if you guys are up for it? Sunday I have the boys all day and am going to a party.


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