Roasty Toasty!!

Its roasty toasty outsode today, the chances are it i sgoing to stay like that tommorow…….ach well. Anyway ive decided tommorow im going to hit the west end. I was going to go this afternoon but I was up late last night , steaming drunk at a familly barby. So i woke late, need to hit the gym.
Yesterday was good. I was early for work and took a walk along the Kelvin, there was a guy walking towards me who looked familiar, i was sure that he was one of the guys who had been blowing off steam at the AGM. I had seen him walking along the kelvin in the past with another guy and so i decided to ask him. We chatted for a good while, what a nice guy, its funny the people that you meet that you wouldnt think they were the way you would imagine them……do you know what i mean?? He was responsible for a lot of cleaning on the river, pulling out old shopping trolleys and crates and bikes after spates, in January and through the season. He had had went to a meeting with the council and they were so impressed with his argument that they erected a fence to keep out the dogs that were eroding a certain part of the bank. I dont understand why it is not people like this that the Assocciation is persuing to get them under their wing, the guy is a valuable commodity. Ive seen him more than the bailifs on the water……..seemingly the bailifs do a lot of work at night on the water to deter poachers, hmmmmm I dont know ive never seen any on the water during the day and last season i was down there every day……………I know they are voluntary n all, but why doesnt the Association get more voluntary bailifs to go on the water during the day? All it would take would be a couple of guys at the weekend to walk through the park with a T shirt that said “Kelvin bailiff” to let people know that there was an assocciation and that if you fished you were likely to be asked for a permit.
I know I sound a bit harsh, but as usuall i would like to draw your attention to the vet school. There is supposed to be 6 anglers signed in, any method……….sometimes i go down their and 10 -15 guys are all lounging about with static lines sticking out into the water, catching undersized trout ………all it would take is a bailiff to visit a couple of times a month on the hot days……as thats when they go to get the word out that they should move to another part of the river………im not saying deny them the “sport” im just saying at that stretch………. there are other parts of the river, but they seem to gravitate towards there….ahh well.

Can you tell ive got a bad hangover?

Still windy, and some nice cock capes!!

Bought some nice cock capes off of ebay the other day and they arrived today……they look nice, very nice!! 2 light game and 2 furnace. If anyone has any easy peasy patterns I could follow let me know. I went up to the west end today with claires sister. She showed me a little book shop that i hadnt been in before, it was great plus it had a pile of fly fishing books, old ones that looked real nice…….I reckon Im going to take 20 quid and go down in the morning and buy them…….just what i need, more books cluttering up my flat 🙂

Its still a bit windy today, I should have headed out this morning but I had lots to do, uni work, tidying up, the windows , out for a run……..stuff like that! Anyway, at 3pmish teh window started to pick up so i dont see much chance of heading to the river……although possibly if at 7pm it looks ok then I might get Claire to drop me off!!Claire is on nightshift right now, has been for the last wee while, next week she is back to day shift which means i can get a lift up to the west end, and make her car a base for my jacket and stuff until I work out whether it is going to be a duff day or not, then once ive worked that out I can start working my way along through the west end stretch……….exellent!!!!!

Had a mail the other day from someone who has been fishing that stretch and been doing quite well with the wee brownies… looking forward to it!!!

Its a bit windy!!

Went down to the river fora few hours today. Well, one hour to be exact, i caught a couple of tiddlers and one nice sized at around quarter of a pound mark.
It was a bit windy, trees blowing about, little flowery thingsblown on the water that kept getting caught in my fly.Also the water was a good deal lower than usual, i would say around half a foot lower. Did i mention the wind? Have you actually tried to cast a four weight into a strong wind? its not a pretty site I assure you…….damn near had my eye out a couple of times.
Didnt get a chance to try out my “grey dusters” that I have been tying up. I decided to tie up a good few in a range of sizes as
a. They seem to catch fish, they look like a wide variety of insects
b. looks like that fly Bob Wyatt gave me……..possibly a variation
c. I have all the matarials
d. its easy.

Unfortunetly I did not get a chance to try them out today as the wind was so strong, but pretty much like all my dry flys so far i can pretty much bet they will do U-Boat impersonations.

Damn it all to heck!!

Today I lost my second biggest trout on the dry fly.
I decided to head away from the vet school as its been getting mighty crowded as of late. I headed down to a little bit I know where the water is deep,slow and has a silty bottom . I usually see trout rising as well.
slow and deep
As you can see the casting is pretty hard as well. Anyway, I caught nowt. BUT i did notice this strange bit of floatsam
I wonder where stuff like that comes from?
Anyway, I decided after all to treck up to the vet school stretch and have a bash. As soon as i got there i could see fish rising but none would take my fly.
I walked down to where I caught my big trout the other day, thinking to myself well, he may have moved back into poisition by now. I waded out ……..not a sausage. I came back in and had a think……..I had a look through my fly box and came across the second fly that Bob Wyatt had given me. Now I was saving that for a special occasion, well actually until I had got some materials together to copy it but I thought to myself “bugger it” Ill give it a go. I moved into position and had a couple of casts…………..and then I seen a large brown flash under my fly and it was gone, looked big i thought, remember Im up to my waist in water so I get a good view, I cast again and then this time it took the fly. It wheeled around and jumped out the water…………….damn it looked mighty fine……….did it look the same size as the one the other day……….well…….im going to say no that way i dont feel so bad I think. Anyway, it fought hard and like a numpty i thought to myself……..”im gonna have this one for a photo opportunity”. I knew that I would have to get the fish closer into the bank, so gradually walked back. Its only about 10 yards but the wading is rocky and big boulders creep up on you.
Anyway, the fish was tiring and took a dive under a …..what I can only describe as a big stick…….I then played the stick out for about ten seconds before i realised that somehow the fly had been moved from the fish to the stick…….how do they do that?
I was not amused….
Im going to get the materials together and tie up some of those drys ……..if I can find a picture I will.

It was a Grey Duster!!

I had a comment yesterday that reminded me that I hadnt told you what fly I caught it on. it was a grey duster, quite a larhe size, 12.
I just tried to match what was drifting past my chest.
If you look at the photo below in the post below , the one that shows to the right of where I was standing you can see a rise form. IT was the rises I was casting to. In fact the more I think about it I think that they were rising to something totally different but the fish probably got agravated to my different fly that was going past them.
It was fantastic.

New Personal best for the dry fly….. 2lb

Well, today I caught my biggest brownie on the Dry fly, it was around the 2 lb mark, probably more over than under. Unfortunetly no photo as I was waist deep in the water and had a few folk watching me. I was all jittery and was having difficulty getting the fly out so just wanted to let the trout swim away as fast as possible.

It was at the vet school stretch and i was casting to the right
and then was casting to the left
I caught the 2lber as i was casting to fish on the left. The hatch must have lasted about a good hour or so and got another couple at the same bit. One of them was teetsy and the other one was around the 3/4 lb mark.

Earlier on I had a lovely trout, on the dry again…..
holding fish
Picture really doesnt do it justice to be honest.
Before I left there the vet school was starting to get really busy with bait fishers, at any one time there is only supposed to be 6 anglers but when i left there was around 10 and some of them had 2 rods out. I suppose the only good thing is that they were not catching anything.
I reckon i will have to retreat to my little secret pools and runs soon as the bait fishers are coming out in force

I had a bash at tying some dry flies last night and even though they seemed ok when I fished with them they sunk like a stone as soon as i cast with them…….how annoying.

It a warm day, rain was forecast but its roasting, i think the back of my neck is burnt.

Its flowing!

My partner is on nightshift just now. She works as a nurse in a hospital that is derectly next to the kelvin. Now, I didnt want to walk to the river just to find that its in bad condition after the rain. So i asked her to look at the river when she left work and tell me what it was like. I said “look at the colour of the water, see if its brown or tan or clear, look and see if it is high, does it LOOK like a raging torrent!. Look at the reeds at the side are they in the water , things like that, and report to me in the morning”
Aha I said to myself……im a genius!!!

In the morning when she came in I asked her how it was, I was half asleep…

“its flowing” she said.

some people…….I ask you !!!

Raining, Funny that!

When I went to work on Friday I was dissapointed to see that the river was in a good condition after all that rain and I had decided not to go down. So I was gagging to get down there yesterday for a few hours. When I got there the water was maybe up just over a foot and was maybe just a little bit murcky but otherwise was very good.
There was plenty of fish rising so I tied on a little dry. Unfortunetly a little crowd gathered of dog walkers and students so the fish decided not to play ball.
Walked down a bit and after a chat with a guy who is a bailif from the White Cart I decided to tye on a little wet. Damn Im glad I did. I fished a little Clyde style at the little run that weeds up later in the year ….
where im fishing
You can see that the water is fairly murcky, but I managed to pich up maybe 4/5 fish. The biggest was around half a pound. This is one of the smaller ones.
fish trout
Hmmmmmm, once more I would like to point out how hard it is to take a picture of fish. I dont like to have the fis out the water for any great lengh of time, so like with that one I just eased it onto a bit of wet grass , quickly take a picture and then ease it back into the water……gone in a flash. I will probably catch it next week. 🙂

Then the rain started. You would think that someone knowing what Glasgows weather is like, who in fact looked up the weather channel to see, and who owns not one but in fact TWO rain jackets would take a rain jacket whilst fishing. You could think that……….you would in fact be wrong.
Soi I waited under a nice handy tree.

It was pretty much passing showers all after that lasting 15mins. While I was sheltering a couple of guys with what looked like 4.5 foot spinning rods ripped through my little run with mepps …… them upstream. At least they never caught anything.

Fly Fishing for Trout: Underwater Pictures of Trout and Nymphs, Closeup Fly Photos and Movies at

Fly Fishing for Trout: Underwater Pictures of Trout and Nymphs, Closeup Fly Photos and Movies at

A very good site I noticed that has detailed pictures of insects. Im not “into” fly tying just now but over the next wee while I should be starting again and some of these photos will come in usefull Im sure.


Hummingbird SmartCast RF20 Rod Mount

Hummingbird SmartCast RF20 Rod Mount

I would love one of these little things, not for actually fishing, but just for the novelty aspect. There is a little lochan not far from me that is damn near impossible to fish. this little thingus would come in quite handy 🙂

Im only half serious by the way.

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