A Recap!!

Right so I can give you a little update on the last month……I can condense it down into one post…its quite easy if i cut out ALL the moaning and the groaning and the telling you how ill I was.
Anyway, I went to the Glasgow Angling Centre and bought some fly tying materials and was impressed by the service that i recieved. The reason i noted this is because I always felt the service was poor in that place. As it was they were exellent in their advice of what CDC i should buy and also sold me a Grey Heron feather for a couple of bucks. The guy also gave me some advice on what I should use for Grey Dusters and subsequently I caight my very first trout on one of my very own tied dry flys….it was a grey duster by the way…..

first trout

You can see the fly in the mouth…..I caught it fishing this little run, usually I only target rising fish but this time i targetted somewhere that i thought a fish would be……a valuable lesson!!

for the dry

On the same day i caught a nice sea trout …….ahem on the same dry fly i might add……although by this time i think it had sunk up in the vet school stretch…it was only a small un though but was my first one…..I always find it strange that i never catch more when other people do!!

I have not added in ALL the moaning and groaning and bitterness……you may add that in as you wish!

Sinus pain and Riverkeeper!!

Ow…OWW owwww…….oohh owww< << that is pretty much what my life consists of at the moment....acute sinus pain.....its ok for a while and the second i move my head or stand up its like someone hammering a nail into my eye....oooohhhh OWW OW!! Ive bought some stuff online from a shop called Riverkeeper. I bought some tapered leaders and some wet fly casts. Ive been toying with the idea of splashing out for a while on tapered leaders to see if they do actually improve your turnover. I usually just use a level lengh of mono…..say about 6-9 foot around 2-4lb but I decided that seeing as how I had accumulated some cash on my paypal account I would treat myself. Riverkeeper take paypal!! Anyway so I bought myself a selection of wet fly casts and tapered leaders;wet fly casts as this weekend all going well I shall be going to Loch Awe on Sunday. ooooohhh OWW!! < < sinus pain kicks in again. Anyway, oh yea "Riverkeeper" I put my order in and the stuff turned up the next working day......fantastic and its postage free in the UK......I would check out their selection if i were you it really is good. I got myself a wee dinky line cutter thingus as well with a little pointy thing for clearing eyes of flys.....and it was only 2 quid. Im happy with that!! Ive also bought myself a genetic cape from the states......one on ebay...it was remarkably cheap and the postage was ok even though its going priority. I got myself a Whitting cape as they are graded differently, the lower grade is not about what size of hackle you get its more about how many flies you can tie of a cape.......if you see what I mean .......OOOOhhhhhhhh OWW!!<<< Its blowing a gale just now outside and the rain is puring down, that can only be good news for the river. After the lack of rain the last wee while the amonia levels were rising which could have meant another fish kill.....but this rain should cause the river to have a good clean out, exellent....it doesnt make me feel so bad that every step i take is absolute utter agony so I cant even go fishing even if i could. Im also considering visiting a fishery and trying a bit of stocky bashing;.Ive only ever visited one fishery and caught nowt! Riverkeeper


I dunno, I was posting on a forum that I visit and a thread came up about droppers. Basically I really only ever fish with one fly when fishing wet, when river fishing anyway……for that matter any fishing. I just dont think that it would make my catch rate increase any. Put it this way, lets say im casting a little wet fly to the side of a boulder or a partially submerged tree, i know where the single fly is going to go because thats the one that I am guiding BUT if i had a dropper to bother about at the same time im pretty sure it would get caught up……plus the fact sometimes playing a fish in tight conditons with a dropper flying about would i think result in a lot less fish landed. Im going to try anyway.
Ive not been fishing the last few days as I was working on Friday and the was absolutely steaming on saturday …I went to The Stand comedy club and won a bottl eof red wine and two tickets to go back woohoo….I had possibly the worst hangover of my life on sunday…like im talking really bad here and then today it was too windy.
The one good thing is that the weather has changed so there will be some nice fresh water in the river giving it a bit of a boost 🙂 There should also be a run of fish with a bit of luck, that reminds me i had a note in my guestbook from someone who had seen a salmon trying to get up the weir just down from Queen Margeret Drive… thats possibly one more than ive seen…..i know they are there I just never seem to see em’

Oh yea, where was I….. droppers, im going to give them a try this week!

“Get back to sleep its a damn hobby!!

Pssst!! Ive worked it out…if I say im going to go fishing tommorow then something will happen that will stop me….So once I had spent the day fixing my mates comp I then came home played some computer games and tied up some flies. Im getting quite into this cdc stuff as well as using rabbit fur for dubbing. For my other grey dusters I had been using a little bit of dubbed grey wool….and you know something? it was absolute pap and pretty hard to dub whilst the rabbit fur is really easy and gives the body of the fly a nice kind of “hairy” look to it. Tommorow I will, possibly actually take a couple of photos of my efforts so far as long as i dont get a slagging, just remember these are still in my first couple of dozen flies after many years away from fly tying…. (and when i was young i was bad as well)

Waders did not arrive today iether, How long do you think I should wait before i phone them up? I mean how long is reasnable, I sent them……….last thursday and they got them on the friday…….hmmmm I suppose thats only really given them like 2 full working days….suppose i musnt grumble (but I will anyway, under my breath, muttering)

Sometimes I think im obssesed, I mean I know I get obssessed about stuff, but hey whats wrong with that? Around a month ago I woke up in the morning it was around 6am, Claire was going to be getting up soon to go to work and i had went to bed at around 1am after drinking half a bottle of wine, I felt bad, like really bad…..I woke up and could see that it was a nice day, overcast and looked promising. I sat up in bed and held on to my head…it felt all muggy and horrible….Claire asked me what i was doing…..i said I had to get to the river but I felt terrible……..Claire said ” get back to sleep its a damn hobby”!!

Some people just dont folllow the drift man!

A couple of books!

You may remember a while back i went for a wander and bought some fishing books. One of them was “To raise a Trout” by John Roberts, its a guide to the techniques and tactics of dry fly fishing for trout on rivers and streams. A great book, essential reading for someone starting out with a dry fly, if you have a gander on ebay or amazon (amazon have loads of copies) I would pick one up. I love reading angling books, not just new ones but oldies as well, I have one called “trout in troubled waters” which i picked up off ebay….gives an old eye view on fishing timbling rivers with the fly and worm. I was considering walking up to one of the reservoirs on Monday but the more I think about it I think I will do the walk along the allander. Vision, got my waders today (I sent them recorded delivery) so with a bit of luck I should be back on teh kelvin next week. I quite fancy fishing the White Cart as and ive always wondered if i can get to any bits of the Clyde by public transport. If you know drop me a line 🙂
Whats the best material to use for the body of a grey duster? I was using grey wool but I thik that was making the body waterlogged and thus causing my fly to lose its “floatability” (thats my new word). Looking at the way that Bob Wyatt ties them he uses dubbed fur, mole, muskrat, or hare. I think rabbit fur can be used as well. Im going to buy some in the next few days…

AAaiiiiaaaaagh a hole in me waders!!!

My vision “EXTREMES” have a leak in the right stockingfoot….now i know that the kelvin is kinda rough….but TOO EXTREME FOR VISION?????????

theriverkelvin.co.uk – Welcome !

theriverkelvin.co.uk – Welcome !

I got annoyed uploading photos into a folder and then hunting through them to link them to the blog so i have created a photo album to store them. It took me ages today to change all the links…..so APPRECIATE it!!!!

I will allso be storing pictures of my Glasgow wanderings and walks in their which will not be in the blog but feel free to have a gander anyway…..there is also a little thing where you can rate pictures and things like that…..not that any of you actually bother !!!!!! RAH!!!!!!!

Off to bed, Im working Friday and Saturdaym its supposed to be raining so with a bit of luck the river should be back in good condition for next week 🙂

Its Low, dangerously low!!

Yesterday I decided to get the bus along to Partick and fish the West End stretch. The pools along through Kelvinbridge. My right foot was wet the second I put my foot in my waders, I knew that was a bad sign, My feet had been sweating yesterday as it was so hot and hadnt dried out.
When I got there, I had to actually get down to the water, I climed a fence and before me there was about a two foot drop and then about 10 feet of mud and then another 2 feet to climb back up……..I should have learnt my lesson from that time I got stuck down in the bushes….I jumped down and was ankle deep in mud, black mud, making my boots black. I took another step and then another………EEAAAGRGGG I was up to my shins…..you would think at this point I would have turned back..you would think that, but you would be wrong……another step …up to my knees, stinking clinging black mud…..another step up to my thighs…..getting a bit panicky now…I could see myself sinking and disapearing in this bog, a most bizzare death indeed…..I struggled on spurred on by the fact that I knew the Daily Record would have a fieled day if that happened. Eventually I get to the other side and managed to pull myself out with a big wet GLOOP”

Anyway, I caught nowt, and found another way to get back up to the path…..eagrh

The water was as low as Ive seen it for a good while. This is a picture of the water guage at the green pool that is under Great Western Road…..sometimes I see bait fishers here and i wonder what they would do if they actually caught a fish…
water guage

I walked on through the park, occassonally casting a fly but there was not really much point. I eventually came to the Ha’penny bridge. The kelvin at this point used to be spanned by a wrought iron bridge(which cost a ha penny to use), it was washed away in 1994 when the river flooded. The Friends of the River Kelvin were instrumental in gettin a new bridge built. here it is

I met a guy here out for a walk, used to fish the river years ago byt then gave up fishing as he caught the cludgey from it.

I still had my wet right foot!! It was annoying!!

I walked and walked and walked….a lovely walk Ive got to admit, but wearing waders in such a hot day was pretty tough, even if they are godlike vision extremes.
I came to the big Maryhill basin, A lot of fish congregate here, and at the right times this pool is lined by bait fishers.
marhill basin

I walked on until i got to Dawsholm Park. There was a couple of guys from SEPA investigating a water leak that had been going now for a good few years. The reason they were concerned about it now was that there was a blue dye in it which meant that someone looked as if they were trying to find a sewage line somewhere. A couple of nice guys, and as a plus we seen a kingfisher. I took one of the guys along the river a bit to show him a shady pipe that i had seen sanitary products coming out of, he wasnt that concerned at that time but told me to phone back if it ever happened again. He also expressed great concern as the water was so low, if it continued we should expect another fish kill, there was salmon in the pools and the amonia levels are dangerously high….dodgy!

I walked up to the vet school, boiling hot , I seen a couple of juvinile trout rising but decided not to cast to em.
On my way back i seen a few nice fish rising but would have had to walk back around to the bridge to get to the other bank amd i was knackered……..marked their position and wandered back to the flat for a shower and a meal.


Bloody typical…….I get up early, go out fishing, its not happening, come home, potter about the flat and in the evening when i cant get out it starts getting nice. And what is the script with the weather reports on BBc and teletext anyway, one minute it says rain next minute not…….and then its wrong anyway!!!

##mutter mutter##

Just one of those days!!

Do you ever get one of those days when you just walk aimlessly?
Got up early and walked down to Dawsholm park, at around 8am. No fish rising and for that matter th eriver was very low, down to its bones..
new burnt oot car
A nice new burnt out car sitting at the bridge, the last one got taken away in ……..what a few months…..so im pretty sure this one will become a nice part of the scenery as well……….it actually looks as if its been sitting there for months not days.
Anyway, I walked and walked and walked untill I was away past the vet school and heading past Maryhill…
bare bones
It was bare as anything up there, a nice burnt out car as well………………ah sometimes I wonder what it woul dbe like fishing somewhere without a nice car causing a nice pool to form. The shopping trolleys I dont mind, as they weed up meaning that fly life is attracted to the weeds, and juvinile trout can hide in amongst spokes ……….I dont want a river full of them though :/
Anyway, I was walking aimlessly for miles, withot casting, didnt really seem much point to be honest…..
I was supposed to fish up the West End today but what with the weather being so changeable I didnt want to risk it. I think I will wait a few hours and see what happens, if it looks ok I may just stoat on a bus up that way and get Claire to give me arun back up the road when she finishes her shift.
I did catch one juvinile trout, on one of my “grey dusters” that i had tied up the other day….so that was ok 🙂

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