More rain!

Well the rain just keeps on going doesnt it. The level seems to have topped at around 2.8m and is starting to fall. It still means that the river wont be back in condition untill sometime a good few days from now….unless the rain keeps falling.
I passed by the canal today and I started to think about the Pike that are in it. Here is an old photee
Its a tasty little Pike spot. I think it would be pretty hard to fish with the fly so Im think about getting the old spinning rod out and heading down with some plugs. In the past Ive had some nice Pike out of that canal……hmmmm. I used to raid my Mothers cutlery drawer and steal spoons, drill two holes, put a treble in one and a swivel in the other. A little smiley face in paint and it would catch Pike all day.
You know something….this is turning slowly into a plan…..

More rain!

Its now up to like 2.2 or something. It has been raining all night and showing no signs of slowing or stopping. Claire is on nightshift tonight so I reckon it will be a night of fly tying. Or possibly the cinema.

I feel as if i should be building an Ark or something!

Rain, thunder n, lightning!!

So the last 3 days have been pretty heavy weather wise. Very very heavy. On saturday it was warm and humid, if you have a gander at the last post you can see that the river was in bad (dirty ) condition. Well the problem is that the river has not had a chance to recover and now it has been raining for the last 2 days. heavy rain as well…….have a gander at this
There was a picture here but I had to remove it
The usual summer level is around 0.40…….a good height when its clear is 0.60…….as you can see its a helluva lot higher than that.
Ive been tying up some flies today….more of my favourite little fly and expermienting with some parachute flies. Never tied them before but they have turned out ok for the first couple of ones ive tied!!

Allander, browness, sunshine n’ weather forecasting

I see the weather forecasting has gone totally haywire again, I was going to head down to the kelvin tommorow for a few hours with some friends and thought i would check the weather. One says rain high temp no wind , the other says thunder/lightening and gales….check em out….BBC and Teletext in my links.
So yestarday was boiling, I went to check out the kelvin as last night might have had a nice spinner fall with all insect life that is being swirled up with the heat at dusk. Alas it was a brown mess….it seems to be spending a lot more time like that this year…its the changeable weather that is doing it.
So I went along the Allander instead..
allander peaty
The water was slightly peaty at the part through Milngavie…..damn near impossible to fish with the fly although upstream worming might be possible. It was allso needing some water to bring any fish in and to actually make it fishable
needing water allander
Still, it was a nice walk! Milngavie has certailnly changed a lot since the last time i visited….I used to work in the supermarker when it was the “William Low” chain of stores…shut down years ago.
Th eother night I tied up some “Amber Spinners” and am gagging to try them out.
amber spinner
Mine look nothing like that however…a lot more basic, i will put a photee up later maybe. Mine is more sparsly dressed …

Another lovely fish and fly tying!!

So last night I went fishing with friend and his pal to the same place we went a few weeks ago. It was a hot hot heat humid night and we got there about 4.30pm ish. It was quite interesting actually as both the people I was fishing with are Italian. They are heading off to Montana to fish the Madison the lucky old so and sos :). One of the guys had flown over from Italy, stepped off the plane and litterally got his stuff together to have a spot of river fishing before getting the plane out again tommorow to the US.
Anyway, Emanuele as usuall got himself into the first few fish…
eman playing fish
but then I noticed a couple of fish rising in a little eddy that had been created. I cast and cast …..was refused a coupl of times and then pricked one that put it down. Then quick as a flash the second fish took. A fantastic fish……well over the pound mark….a wild brownie caught on my own tied fly…im still getting a buzz out of that fact. I tried to play the fish hard but it kept darting around weeds and rocks so did not take a photo……it was allso hooked quite deep so I took a few more seconds than normal getting the hook out….this all added up to the fact that i wanted to get the fish recovering as fast as possible rather than photo opportunities. I missed a few more fish after that but i was happy after my biggy 🙂
It got to about 8pm and then the rain started…..this was the night by the way with the big thunderstorms. It had been threatening all day and we could hear thunder rumbling away all evening. When there was massive flash of lightning across the sky we thought it best to retreat to the car as there is something about standing in a storm waving a highly conductable pole that made us all feel kinda….uneasy!!

So I bought some nice fly tying materials off ebay as well………Ive been experimenting with different coloured bodies and using a badger hackle . I bought some other masks….coyote, silver fox and another but the name goes away from me..
Anyway, nice for dubbing and for wings as well…… I doubt I will get a chance to do some serious tying though in the next wee while.
I was allso sent some glow in the dark poly yarn “stuff”. I checked it and it does glow in the dark……I didnt order it , they gave me it as i had bought a pile of stuff off them which was nice. Anyway, it got me thinking about last week when i stayed late on the kelvin untill eventually i couldnt see my fly….I wonder what would happen if i used a little of this stuff in the dubbing of the body or even as part of the wing………what a ridiculous idea….Im still going to try it though…..oooOOOOooooh a gimmic…you gotta love em’

I allso bought a rather massive ammount of deer hair
deer hair
By my calculations I now have enough dubbing and deer hair for around 4897 flies. Nah only kidding but A LOT anyway!! Still tring to work out how to make deer hair wings…I will post my failures for a laugh.

I was considering heading along to the kelvin tonight but have uni work to polish off……im not going to kid myself on that i can finish it off early iether. Next time i will get down will be Friday morning. Although if i can fish when im half drunk I will head down tommorow evening for a few hours…i will be celebrating the handing in of my essays tommorow!!!

Greys Reel

Ive fished with my Greys Reel for the best part of two seasons now
greys reel
There is something about it that I dont like. Aside from the fact it is quite heavy…..I can live with that though as it looks good…….the thing is it doesnt like abuse.
Now im not talking about severe abuse all im talking about is a good dunk in the water. This has happened a few times now….remarkebly often in fact,,, and as soon as its been dunked the whole action goes belly up…..the drag doesnt work, when you wind in line it starts to stick, when you take out line the spool just keeps on spinning leaving you with a pile of line streaming out. Now if this happens at the start of the day you can iether go home or just hope it goes back to some kind of normal (it wont).
So basically once this happens it must be cleaned a greased. This has now became so annoying that I am considering keeping a little grease with me at all times… fact now that I think about it….im away to put some in a little box!!!

The Kelvins a bloody mess!!

Someone left a messege on my guestbook..They were saying when its gone its gone talking about the river and the wildlife around it.
Even though the river has come on in leaps and bounds the river still looks like a shite hole. I got a mail from a guy who was visiting from Canada last week. I was supposed to meet up with him for a fish and a chat as he was going to be in Glasgow for a conference but things being the way they are I couldnt make it. One of the things that he expressed suprise about was the state of the river. He said that he couldnt believe it was so full of rubbish as my photos made out…….boy did he sure get a shock when he realised that yes it is full of junk.
People like Friends of the River Kelvin do a lot of good work in the river and so do a lot of the anglers but i cant help feel that its a lost cause without the backing of the council. The council are forever selling off out nice green land and dont seem interested in actually looking after the river.
Great progress has been made in the kelvin but I cant help but think that something has got to happen or the progress is going to slow and stop…………and probably start going backwards because of some crazy developer wanting to build flats on the banks of the river.

Strange day!

So I had a strange day at the river today. I left the house at around 4pm…it had been warm and muggy all day. Almost as soon as i got to the river it started to rain. I didnt bring a jacket….all i had on was my waistcoat and waders. No hat.
Anyway, I was sheltering from the rain under a tree when I had a sudden urge to carve my name into a very large tree branch. Its not something Ive ever done before and you know how much I love trees so it was a little weird.
I did it. I carved my name. It got me thinking about how the river and probably the tree will be around long after Im gone……kinda strange really when you think of it. How many marks does someone leave in the world. I wonder if even in a few years someone will see the marks I made and wonder what the person was like that made them…….its a nice thought I think. I see things all the time and I wonder how they got their…..I mean you have the mills and things like that beside the river….th eold abandoned ones I mean……..people went to work everyday in them…people like you and me……I wonder if any of them made marks on a tree one day!

Once the rain stopped I carried on fishing…..upstream with a dry. I thought I was going to blank untill I caught a lovely little brownie of about 5-6 inches long. Carried on fishing getting carried away with the feel of casting and the concentration of watching for any signs of a trout. Sometimes Its the smallest rise, the supping of a fly betrays the bigger trout. And that is exactly what happened. I made a tricky cast …….here
That is an old photo but the same place……just right in at the tree……..there was the most gentle of takes, a tiny little sup…..the fly just disapeared……I would have thought that the leader had got snagged and pulled the fly under if i had not been waiting on this happening……I struck and was into a nice brownie of around 1/4 to 1/2 a pound…….it fought strongly…..very strongly. I find after the river has had some rain the fish seem to get very “fighty” I think its got something to do with the amount of oxygen in the water.

I met a guy who I have not seen all this season. An awful nice guy. I seen him a lot last season……he fishes with a bubble float and wasp grubs. He always does well, or did last season, he says that things are a bit harder this year. We spoke about using different techniques……he comes from a course fishing background so is used to handling fish well, and making sure they are returned safely. He treats the fish with a bit of respect……I like that!!
Anyway, we ended up walking up the road together, swapping stories…..he too gets the heaby jeabies at night down on the river. Before we left their was a good few fish rising and he said he would like to watch me fish for a bit, he had already packed up. I got into the water and within a dozen casts had a couple of fish………he was very impressed …..secretly so was i 😉

Yahoo! Search Results for

Yahoo! Search Results for “i have a nice cock”

If you search for “I have a nice cock” on yahoo my blog is number 2.

I have finally reached the ultimate in blogingdom.



I have Typhoid!!

Nah, not really. But yesterday I got my combined typhoid and hep A jag. My other half had got hers last week and her arm got sore because of it so i wanted to go fishing before the pain hit.
Headed down to the River and using my fav little fly (if you dont know what that is ….jeash) worked my way up the river. The first hour I though I was going to blank, untill I caught a lovely wee brownie from a riffle. Anyway I went on to catch a few more on the dry fly and that was when my head started to get sore. I had been warned I might start to feel bad but ive had this particular jag before and couldnt remmember feeling like this.
Anyway, I felt so bad I had to go home.

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