your narrow minded outlook!

I recieve a lot of emails.
Most of them are telling me that they used to fish the river and now moved on and some people mail me to tell me how well they have been fairing fishing the river. Ive got to admit I meet and speak to a lot of Anglers on the bank but seldom do I tell them about this site. The site was and is mostly for myself and a way of keeping a “high tech” fishing diary. If other people like it and enjoy it so much the better 🙂
Today I recieved a mail that made me think, it was entitled “your narrow minded outlook!”

I have just read your comment regarding (bait fishermen), dated 26,05,2004. There is no place in our sport for such snobbery. As for not knowing what to do, I have landed more & by far bigger trout than you could ever dream of.

one of the (bait fishing), underclass.

I couldnt mind of the post but I sent this reply back saying

I meet many good bait fisherman in my travels and yes they do catch
good fish. What I am against is people that static line ie sit with a
bait rod and a worm on the end letting it sit until a fish comes along
and takes it…usually half way down its throat thus killing the fish
no matter what the size. THAT is the kind of bait fisherman that i
detest. Bait fishermen that I admire however and am continually
impressed by their skill is the bait fisherman who fish worms down
pools letting them drift and striking when appropriate. Using worms on
the Kelvin for Salmon I think is the only way to go…..never been in
contact with one on the fly and personally don’t fish for them.

and then I realised that the post in question was talking about me wondering how people managed to get fish up a 10 foot high wall once caught.

Anyway I thought I would share some of my experiances with people fishing bait. last season I ran into lots of anglers fishing with static lines with wormd and maggots. While I was talking to them their rod tip was waggling away. I eventually pointed this out and they eventually picked up the rod and struck. It was a trout maybe about a quarter of a pound. The fish had taken the bait down into their throat. They said they had caught around 10 like this. Of course the fish was leaking blood everywhere and took about 5 mins to get the hook out. The fish was then dropped back into the water.
That was a perfectly nice trout…..killed.

I got talking to a guy who fishes wasp grubs. What the guy was doing was using a tiny bubble float trotting it down between the weeds, holding his rod and striking anytime he felt a fish. He caught a fair few…nice ones too…..played them unhooked them and put them back quickly.

Its not the same is it?
What I obviously dont like is people who sit with a static line. Ive done it. When I was younger. As time went on I moved on to spinning and using worms and maggots but fishing them upstream and trotting them down feeling for takes. You killed fewer fish that way. If I ever get to the river and the water is dirty and I think a worm will help I would probably grub one up and stisk it on a hook and use the fly rod and line to work it. Not had the chance yet though.
Some people dont fish with a fly rod and line I accept that…….dont understand it…but I still accept it. I dont think its elitist these days when you can walk into a fishing shp and pick up a fly rod combo for less than 70 bucks. Its open to anyone.

Pop star joins fight to save teashop from homes threat – Evening Times

Pop star joins fight to save teashop from homes threat – Evening Times

I see some new flats are being built next to a rather nice spot on The Kelvin.
There are people demonstrating about this and have put up banners..

Its a damn shame that the flats are being built. Not only is it taking away another little corner of the “old” West End but by the sounds of things it is going to make fishing that pool impossible. Then you have to think about the rubbish from the building site that will possibly end up in the river and the plants and trees that will have to be cut.

A shame, I will write a letter of objection i think !

There is some discussion and some more pictures Here

Things found in the Kelvin!

I was talking to an angler the other day about things that have been found in the river, its suprising really some of the strange things:

1. Recently a silver cup went for 800 pounds at auction…found by an angler!
2. Ive found various things from the mills, wheels etc
3. Roman things on stones etc
4. Corpses
5. Cannabis plantations
6. Cars , motorbikes, shopping trolleys and traffic cones
7. money (old coines and new)
8. Occasional fish.


I forgotton whilst I was becoming ill about the Kingfishers that i spotted a couple of times the last time i was fishing. It was deadly silent and it was one of those moments when everything is just so still and out of nowhere a blue streak just flew past my head…….damn nice. Im not sure it was the same one as i had spotted the other time i was fishing, if anyone knows what kind of “territory” kingfishers have i would appreciate it.


I had a wee gander on my stats and I see I am fast approaching my 2000th visitor since…………hmmmm….April!!
Im considering celebrating this by smoking a fine cigar on the banks of the kelvin (where else) if anyone has a better idea mail me or leave a messege! to mail me by the way it is my name at …..that is then redirected to my actual email addy. I hate spam!


The river was back in good condition today. There has been no more rain and the water colour had cleared but still left it a good level. I made someone whom mailed me recently and he had picked up a few fish so knew that it was going to be good. I started up at the top of teh stretch but didnt connect to anything. Its funny that because usually I manage to start off there. Anyway i wandered down the stretch untill i got to here
Its funny because I ended up staying here for about an hour and a half and caught…..well…..I kind of lost count. I did however manafe to lose a nice fish of just under the pound mark….kind of lost it… was mostly because i was buggering about trying to get the camera sorted instead of paying attention to how the fish was hooked. To late I seen that the fish was hooked barely through its lip. If I had a net it wouldnt have happened. I dont have one. I should get one though as the amount of times now I have lost a fish because I have not had one is quite a lot. Well, not that many actually but I would still like one. I would like one of these..
They cost about 25 bucks and would fit nicely on my back. I do actually have a net. I have a salmon net (unused, but i was ever the optimist, unlike now when im just glad i dont fall in) which I should punt on ebay or something.
I tried to take a photograph of the contrast in what the Garscube Estate looks like now to what it was like when that old photo was taken. I couldnt. What I should do is take along my good digital camera to take the photo which I will do the next chance i get.

TheGlasgowStory: Garscube House

TheGlasgowStory: Garscube House

old house

Garscube House, 1954.

Garscube House was designed by the architect William Burn (1789-1870) and completed in 1827. Burn designed other large country houses such as Tyninghame in East Lothian. The house faced south overlooking landscaped gardens beside the River Kelvin.

Im trying to work out exactly where that picture got taken. In the distance you can see a bridge, now i reckon that it is the bridge that ………hmm I will tell you what I will do …..later I will take my good digital camera and take a photo from roughly the same place as where that one was taken. Its strange though because looking at that photo would mean that the shape of the river has changed a great deal…..for a start there is now a massive hole just in front of where that picture was taken…..there is now a slight bend as well. Its a lot wider as well……..i wonder if some work was done to make it narrower at some point through the estate….i will have agander around and see what I can find!

EDIT:: If you go HERE you will see the picture a lot larger and you can see the bridge……im now positive that it is the bridge in the estate…..pretty intersting i think!

Dirty tricks at the vet school!

So I went down to the river this evening for a couple of hours. I went down for two reasons. One I wanted to catch fish and two I wanted to test my waders again… getting paranoid that they are leaking again after last night.
Anyway, when i got there teh water was dirty and muddy. I did the same as last night, i fished with two flies…im getting teh hang of this dropper lark….i put a butcher on the point and a wooly thingy on the dropper.
Basically I was just casting downstream and letting the flies swing across the current. The danger in this of course is that a lot of fish just seem to snap at the flies and around 3 or 4 fish did just that. All the time I was fishing i was thinking that my foot was wet, comparing how my right foot felt too my left…………… minute i would think they were leaking and then the next not. Last night I had taken my waders off to check and my foot was a little damp and then put my foot down on the ground (as i fell over again) so that had ruined my chances of finding out.
Anyway…back to the fishing….Here is a nice little trout!
I was surprised that I caught anything to be honest as the water was so coloured but in the end i caught a few, all small one a little larger than the one in the photo.
I was wading deep, up tp my thighs and the water was cold dammit….this is July???? Anyway I think the cold made me think that my foot was wet again and i was seething……i was going over in my head what i would say to the company that i wanted a new pair and what my rights were……..rah!!!!
As i was fishing there was a duck swimming up beside me with some little baby ducks :))
AAwwwwwww!!!! I love seeing nature when im fishing……and trees for that matter!!
Anyway, so I walked back up the river as finally I had got in a tangle with the dropper (yegads) and seen some fish rising to flies on the surface…….I was a bit unsure as to what to do as the water was so dirty…..i tied on a duster anyway and had a few casts….my foot felt wet so i stomped home in disgust…thinking about all the fishing i would NOT be doing waiting on them come back……raging…..seething.. the foot with the leak felt heavier…it felt wetter…it felt damp…it felt funny/strange not the same as the other one.

Got home…both feet prefectly dry……all in my imagination…..Im obsessive…..obsessive!!!!
When I got home I ripped my copy of the Guardian into appropriate letters and filed them away with the rest!

A can of cider and some cookies are called for!!

Oh…..i nearly forgot. I went into “Cafaro Brothers” and the guy that served me was great……I know im always moaning about fishing shops but the server gave me some good advice and we had a nice chat about fishing for a change…I had a wee gander at the waistcoats ..he could sense the mug in me so steered me towards the hardy ones! Ahhhhh positive 🙂


A nice evening!

So I took a stoat along to the river yesterday, well in the late afternoon actually. When i got their it was looking awfully coloured although what i have noticed is that the pools look cery brown but in the shallows and in the ruffles the water was a little clearer. Anyway I put on a little butcher and a wooly spikey tinsley thing on the dropper. As you know I dont usually use droppers but I thought I had better give it a bash and get into the swing of things.
Anyway….I lost a nice fish because of the dropper when it got tangled up in a fallen railing that had moved from its resident position at the side of a pool to the middle of a pool. At some point, when the water is lower, i will need to go in and haul that damn thing out as it has now ruined a perfectly nice pool. That horrible bit of floatsam has moved because the river has been in some quite strog spates the last few weeks with the changeable weather….. some of the pools have changed shape and where there was nice glides there is now a deep bit. (I explain things so well 😉 )

Ad you can see lots of rubbish has washed down the river as well.

I caught a few more smaller fish and one larger fish and decided to call it a day as i could have sworn that leak in my waders has started again… MAD

I also met one of the people that has been mailing me for a wee while now!

Whiting Golden Badger!!

So I got my Whiting Golden Badger saddle today….im very impressed. I knew the actual hackles would be longer but they are ridiculously long and thin you really can tell the difference in quality. It cost just under 15quid and i got it off ebay sent from the states. The colours are simply fantastic… going to tie up a couple of……wait for it…..Grey Dusters… thats right 🙂 !!!! I will posts some picks of my efforts as well.

I have been getting a few emails about the blog recently that made me realise that some people do not follow that my blog is part of a bigger picture as it were. This blog is my diary of course but if you head over to Urban Flyfishing on the Kelvin you can see some more pictures of the river and some of the little stretches that I fish.

I dont seem to have fished the river in ages now….at least in a couple of weeks, what with being ill and the river being in crap condition. I passed by it today and it looks pretty good. Im working the next couple of days and hopefully if there is no more rain (a little is ok) then i will blitz it next week. Im also hoping to target some Sea Trout as well so if the going is fair i will do a spot of night fishing. If anyone fancies a bit of targeting the Kelvin at night drop me a line or leave a comment. I think it may be best to go down in pairs, sometimes there are some dodgy characters around. Not that Im ever really bothered by them I usually think that if you look like an angler they will not bother you, they will just give you a bit of banter whereas if you are just a bloke carrying a fishing rod they will nick it off you! Always be pleasant to people you meet when urban angling, even if they look like a dodgy character, exchange the time of day and have a chat. They will remember you as someone ok…….everyone loves a lover and an angler!!!

Im still planning heading down to the Allander at some point. The Allander is a tributory of the Kelvin. Ive walked it a couple of times but never fished it. Well thats not strictly true i fished it when i was a lot younger using a worm letting it trot down, caught a few fish as well…….. but in my younger years I didnt really have a clue what i was doing. Unlike now when i can fake it particulary well!

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