I suppose I suppose!!!

So a while ago ……like a good few weeks ago I made plans with a couple of friends to go for a days fishing today. As usuall like the best made plans we did not take into account the weather. It was pouring with rain….in fact it has been raining the last few days so the rivers we were planning to fish were …..well…unfishable.
I was gagging to try out the flys I had tied. Spurned on by Roy Christie’s article in this months “Trout and Salmon” I was having a go at his “easy peasy upside down dun”……damn….it looked easy and he made it sound easy….in the end I had a number of attempts before I got one looking half decent…(if you laugh I will break your legs…im a NOVICE fly tyer ok)
usd dun
Anyway, I had tied up a few and allso managed to make a pretty simple connection between my fly line and a braided leader that I bought.
Ive been on a constant lookout for a simple way to connect it without using the braided loop thingus as it is too bulky. A friend advised mt to whip it on and then use a spot of glue to fix it, and this is basically what I did….but without using and whipping thread…just the glue.
It ends up like this
braided leader
Looks pretty neat huh??
I used special “anglin glue”…..I went over the procedure in the shop and that was what he recommended I do. It seems a little stiff …..but is MUCH better than what I was using before…..to aid presentation I was using one of those floating polyleaders……which seemed ok but the bulky connection seemed to drag the tip of my fly line underwater which was annoying……well it was ok in calm water but if I was casting with a dry fly into some choppy water at the head of a pool…..(where I catch the most fish) then the sinking thing was happening.
Which was annoying!!!!
Ive not been fishing in ages now….I thought it was around a month but it has been…..damn close to a month actually….that is far too long to go without doing any fishing….it hurts the soul!!!

Trout at Ten Thousand Feet

So Im reading Trout at Ten Thousand Feet at the moment. Highly entertaining…

John Bailey has travelled all the world’s continents in pursuit of fish. His extraordinary adventures have taken him to the most remote and inhospitable parts of the globe as well as those more familiar areas much closer to home. He has encountered espionage, death threats, and even a plane crash, as well an immense variety of fish and a collection of assorted characters from around the world, many of which he is proud to call true friends. Trout at Ten Thousand Feet is a collection of John Bailey’s remarkable and hugely entertaining fishing tales that reflect a lifetime’s passion for fishing. This exciting, adventurous and often humorous book brilliantly captures the essential magic and mystery of angling – from anchovy to zander. Laced with witty and apposite line illustrations throughout, the book is a fascinating and compelling read, and the perfect gift for any fisherman.

Class….sheer class!!


More holiday photos!!!

HA!!!! you didnt think you were going to get away THAT easilly did you with a couple of pictures of trees. Well here is the worst case of vanity publishing ever…
Yes, thats me with a crocodile….a baby one….and here is another one of me…..on the beach…….in ma Kilt!!!
One of the touts on the beach said myself and the other two guys looked like Kings They had only ever seen people in Kilts on the telly. Nearly made up for lugging the thing thousands of miles!! (almost)
kilt on beach

AAaaaaaahhhhhh Lovely Sri Lankin sunset

Today I bought some Angling Glue……..I have a plan as to how to attach my braided leader to my fly line……essentially Im going to glue it on. If it works I shall post a photo tommorow….if not I will post a humorous photo of myself with my fingers stuck together.

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice Trees!!!

It is time to bore you with some holiday photees.
I returned home today to pouring rain and windy weather. As I flew over Glasgow I could see that the rivers are muddy and could see large puddles on the golf courses. RAH!!!
Here is a picture of myself standing next to an Elephant tree, so called as the base looks like the shape of an elephants footstep.
elephant tree

Now this once I cannot mind what it is called….i think it was something with the word jasmine in it…i will find out and tell you if you are really interested….
tree, cant mind

It was absolutely massive. It was almost like a few trees that had joined up as it seemed to have 3-4 trunks……here is my brother n law and myself standing next to one…
me n gordo

Highly impressive……I will put up some pictures of smellyphants later!!


I am now in Birmingham and will be staying here until Monday afternoon when as soon as I get in I will be picking up the rod and walking straight back out again. Im gagging for a fish.
I will allso bore you all with holiday pictures…….trees, monkeys, elephants (smellyphants), and three wheeled took tooks!!!
Checked my mails today for the first time in a couple of weeks and am trawling through them sending replies… so if you have sent a mail and ive not replied that is why. Or I dunno… you could try reading the blog and realise that sending me a mail is a WASTE OF TIME IN THE FIRST PLACE 😛 …..jeepers …….only kidding!!!!
I also have a good few gmail invites to give out so give me a shout if you want one….just leave a messege.
Something I noticed about my blog and my website is that it looks pretty poor on a comp with a low res. Like if you go to the Urban Flyfishing on the Kelvin site the logo at the top is cut in half…..and also on this blog things look kinda odd…if you look up to the top right of your screen just above “blogs of note” you may see a little indent. The indent should not be there, it should eb smooth. Ironically the blog and the site looks like the dogs bollocks on my computer ie great however on others it looks weird. So…..if you want to give me some tips on how to fix it let me know……how I can easilly fix it that is. I may try and get it working next week sometime…..if I am not fishing every day…which I will be.
If anyone has been fishing the last couple of weeks…..down the kelvin I would appreciate if you could let me know how you have been fairing….iether mail me or leave a little comment here. You dont have to put your secret little spots or flies…just if you have been doing well.
Anyway…….jet lag catching up i think so …
ta ta


Rain and Smellyphants

Well hello from Sunny Sri Lamka….well in fact it is not actually sunny it has been raining the last few days…..not normal rain though…wild monsoon rain.Does not matter as we have done all the fun stuff anyway (including the wedding which i came over for). Stayed in a little village complex in the middle of a jungle where you could not go out at night in case the wild elephants trampled you…woohoo…woke up in the morning with monkeys chapping at the door and turtle things acting like doorstops. Speaking of elephants went for an elephant ride and almost fell off……im telling you….those big things should be called smellyphants!!

I will bore you with some photos when I get home…..rain seems to be clearing im away for a walk along the beach. Also Im paying a stupid amount of cash to check my mails but gmail doesnt work with ie5….grrrrrrr!!!

Ta Ta


WooHOOO…..nowt to do with fishing at all but I thought you may interested in knowing that I have passed my resits for UNi. This means that I am in fact getting in to my final year. Allso meaning that I do not get a further two summers off which i was looking forward to but the old ball n’ chain was not impressed by that reasoning.

I couldnt help it!!

Ok, Ok….so I packed away all my fishing gear…hung up my waders to dry..inside and out (dont want them rotting away when im away) in preperation for going away for a few weeks. Today it turned out lovely so I went fishing. The water is still quite murky and didnt do as well “big” fish wise as yesterday but did catch a fair few. On the dry at a little pool….by little I mean tiny…..lovely little fish..
little fish
My camera is now working occasionally again, I had taken lots of photos but that is the only one that turned out half decent. Anyway, in the one wee place I caught around 4 lovely little kelvin trout……ahh the bliss!!
Spoiled only by teh amount of litter that has been left down at the Vet School. Its apalling…empty crisp packets, iron bru bottles, Glasgow Angling Centre bags, misc plastic bags…….terrible!!! It only seems to get left at the places where people seem to spend a long time….yes you guesses it..people fishing bait. Now people can call me snobby or narrow minded if they want but Im afraid the proof is in the pudding as they say…..anytime i see a crowd of “anglers” all sitting bait fishing I come back later and there is a pile of rubbish left behind them. I apologise to people who fish bait and take away their rubbish i know there is plenty that do but I just get so damn annoyed about it all. And people wonder why I want the Garscube Estate stretch fly only???

Anyway, I am away on holiday for a few weeks so will not be posting much…..i may still check my emails if I get a chance but will not be answering general questions. If you have found this blog after searching for fly fishing on the kelvin you should realise that this site should be viewed in conjunction with Urban Flyfishing on the Kelvin…you dont have to actually have a look at it but it has some nice pictures of the places that I fish….
You should take a wee gander through the archives of the blog as well…..if you click on the months at the side their you will see them….the blog and site are now a year old which is nice 🙂

Ta Ta!!

Im soaked!

Im utterly soaked. After completing all my chores I went for a few hours…I couldnt help myself. Rewarded within a half hour with 2 lovely trout. The first was around the pound mark….a real special for the river. It jumped out the water a few times as well. The second was around a quarter of a pound. Lovely looking fish with amazing spots. On the way home we had torrential rain and I was soaked….like utterly soaked. I had to take my polaroids off it was so bad.
As I was crossing the road some wag shouted from his car “good day for fishin'”
Oh what a jolly japester!!!! :/

A little bit of exitement!

So I woke up this morning and the weather forecast was for thunder, heavy rain and gales in the afternoon. I wanted to go on a lenghy treck along to a tributory but with the forecast I knew that was out the window. I was going to go to the gym but thought ….what the heck (or words to those effects) and got my gear together and headed down to dawsholm park The water was pretty dark looking but put on a dry and had a bash. I hooked a nice fish but it managed to get away. I ended up fishing untill around 4pm and the rain didnt start till about 7-8pm..thats the forecasters for ya.
I walked up to the vet school and had a fish their. It was actually quite cold with no fly life on the water so was not doing too well. I walked further up to the top of the stretch and decided to put on a little wet fly…..what the heck it was worth a bash.
I seen a splash next to some weeds…
Cast to it and the fish was on……and what a fish for that matter….it was just under the half pound mark and fought well. I tried to take a picture but my dinky digital camera was and is jiggered. It was not working the last time I took it fishing iether. Its annoying as I do not want to take my good digital camera fishing with me. So I suppose its time to have a gander and see whats on offer……after having a browse around on Amazon I found this one
Looks ok, has a flash and a little viewfinder thingus…..if you click the photo you can see all the specs.
Anyway, I doubt I will be able to get it this season as im absolutely rooked. Unless of course people start frantically clicking all the wee google ads….i get like .000005p every time someone clicks them.
The thing is that if you practise catch and realease I think it is important to have some kind of record of the fish that you catch, also its just damn nice to take photos of stuff that you see …..animals, bugs, trees and the river itself.
Oh yea, anyway, where was I. I walked back up the river as the sun came out……had another bash with a dry, hooked a nice fish……it was kinds funnly looking…..If I didnt know better I would say it was a little Sea Trout…..a finnock!…….I was trying to find a picture of a finnock to show you but am having difficulty. It was like a brownie…I mean it had red spots but was more silvery than brown. NOW you can see why I need a camera.

Anyway, I reckon that will be the last time I get some nice river fishing done for a few weeks as I am off to Sri Lanka on Friday to see my step sister getting married. Jeepers…..AND Ive got to wear a Kilt…..yes a KILT in SRI LANKA….how crazy is that….I wanted to wear my shorts and a nice T- shirt but then everyone started getting all uppity about it…..”your going to ruin our big day”…in fact when i suggested that there was not that much they could do about it if I didnt get one they said i would be uninvited. :p Oh great…..now I get to sit in front of the pool instead of going to the actual wedding…..and that is supposed to be a punishment?? It was at this stage that my better half stepped in.
If Im wearing a Kilt in Sri Lanka they are wearing Chewbacca outfits next year at my wedding!!
Anyway, i pick up the kilt on Thursday and ive got to lug the thing all over Sri Lanka.

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