Fly Fishing the River Irwell and other Streams

Found a fantastic blog – Fly Fishing the River Irwell and other Streams Some of the pictures remind me a lot of the Kelvin. With the fantastic line of “Three fish rising here caught none of them.” That is the kind of report that I think we can all relate to! Bravo!


Okay, I am pretty much resigned to the fact that this season is a total bust! The birth of son number three has hit my evening sessions incredibly heavily due to the other two boys playing merry havoc as it ensures they get to stay up late. Anyway, enough of my parenthood musings and more…

Brief Rod Waving

I had a blank at the LRF while on a short session on the way home from work – I stopped off at a popular spot with divers a couple of hours before high tide and was glad to have it to myself. I found that sea weed was being blown into my shore which…

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I managed a quick session down at the breakwater – I met a chap (Glen) who fishes with the legendary Frenchman Nicholas from the Glasgow Angling Centre and we exchanged some info. A chap walked past me and headed to the furthest away point after Mackerel while I hung about at the rocks. I was…