Original Waldron on Ebay

What makes someone sell the vice they love? Who would go to the effort of obtaining a stunning piece of kit and then sell it – even give it to their son to sell. Is it not something to be handed down over the years – I know my JVice will always stay with me 🙂

The seller says:

Hi and welcome to my auction for this unique fly-tying vice by Lawrence A. Waldron.

I am selling this on behalf of my father who is a keen fisherman.

The vice comes with the original compliment slip from Lawrence signed by him from when he bought it from him over 10 years ago, before the design rights were sold to Snowbee and thousands have since been mass-produced. This one is totally hand-made by Lawrence himself.

The vice is in excellent condition with the jaws, base, and clamp all in perfect order, along with the silk holder and tray, also handmade by Waldron himself. The only marks on it are where it has been used so you can see some evidence of varnish on the base from varnishing the heads.

I can ask my father for more details if any further information is required so don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Away you go and buy a 2nd hand Waldron on Ebay – you will probably never get another chance. It should be worth signing up to Ebay to have a punt anyway.

Check it out on Ebay here