On and Off

Air pressure can do funny things to trout – all week it has been unsettled with gusty winds. Saying that it can do funny things to people as well, on Sunday I went on a trip to the Tay with a faithful Kelvinator and came home with a migraine. It was strange, the day was overcast and warm, and there were flies on the water in the morning and then nothing for the rest of the day. I even used a dry and dropper in some long runs that just should have produced some trout but the river seemed devoid of trout. We caught some trout when we arrived at the river at around 9am – a nice one too at around the pound mark – no photo unfortunately as I thought I would be catching more throughout the day anyway. A migraine hit as soon as we left the water and I was left gritting my teeth and trying to stop myself being sick pretty much the while way home – fantastic impression to give !

During the week I was down on the Kelvin for a little evening session with a pal. The trout were on and off again within minutes. I hooked two nice trout and managed to land one of them. The weather was very unsettled, big gusts of wind which is usually a good indication the pressure was changing. It was also quite cold for June. Does anyone else find trout tricky when the weather is changing? I don’t mean just windy, as it can be very good fishing on other rivers that I fish when it is blowing a gale but an actual weather front moving in?

As I settled down to watch the river due to a severe shortage for rising trout for extended periods of time I found a big tangle of what looked like around 20lb+ mono. It was just lying on some rocks – I am still trying to decide what should be done about “anglers” that leave this type of mess around. I think it would be one job for a good bailiff force when checking permits to check appropriate fishing tactics. But hey, what I think and what actually happens are two entirely different things.

What do you think?


  1. Ian Scott · June 15, 2007

    Absolutely the trout – and other species of fish are finicky when the weather is changing! I don’t know the why’s or wherefore’s of it – but my experience matches yours.

    A good friend of mine and a great angler, Ian James, suggests keeping a goldfish at home. Watch the gold fish. When there are atmospheric pressure changes and the goldfish is inactive, so will the fish in the rivers and lakes. Haven’t tried this out myself yet. Don’t have time for a gold fish!

  2. Jim Burns · June 15, 2007

    Just back from a weeks fishing up at Scourie. Weather up there was very warm but north easterly wind played havoc with the fishing. Hill lochs with these winds made casting a nightmare having to casting one way one minute then the other way the next minute. But was still able to catch wild brown trout. It’s amazing how different the colour is in these trout from one loch to the other. Size as well, you concet with one and you thing this fells a good size only to bring it to the bank to find its only 1/2 lb but has a tail that looks as if it should be on a bigger fish. Fished a beat called Top Chain and was told there was some big fish there one loch in particular called Otter. 2nd cast up comes this monster of a fish looks at my fly and then goes back down to the depths of the loch. Went off fished another loch then came back later to have another go , same thing happened up it comes looks and then away again. Looking at the trophy fish on the wall of the hotel this fish must have been it that sort of range. If only, some of these trophy fish have taken some of the people who caught them maybe 20 years or more to catch. Trip was so good that if I was intending to come back next year that I would have to book when I was chcking out. Roll on next June and I can try for the monster of Otter.

  3. Alistair · June 15, 2007

    Sounds like you had a ball Jim, was it pricey ?

  4. Davy Forrest · June 15, 2007

    Glad you got booked up for next year Jim, who knows you might even get a trophy fish. I must try the Kelvin after hearing you talking about the place and all the good work done by the members.


  5. Jim Burns · June 15, 2007

    Alistair, What price for a perfect weeks fishing, good company, breath taking scenery,fantastic meals and the Scourie Hotel is a fishing paradise.

  6. Jim Burns · June 15, 2007

    Davy, Kelvin maybe small but some good size trout can be found if you search every inch of it. Friends of the Kelvin do great work for the river. Will be checking out Wild Fishing Scotland web site. Thanks for the info. Was nice meeting you may see you down at the Kelvin.

  7. Stu T · June 15, 2007

    Alistair, I fish the Kelvin near Torrance and Balmore. Fortunately due to the small number of anglers on this stretch you don’t really encounter monofilament birds nests and other detritus. I did venture to the vet school stretch once and was disappointed at the amount of crap left behind by the (bait) anglers to the extent that I probably won’t go back there. I say hang the buggers! Incidentally I found the markings on the upper Kelvin trout to be different to those nearer Glasgow in that they all sport red spots and a red adipose fin.

  8. Bryan McLean · June 15, 2007

    Stu what you catching fish with around the Torrance area i have had no luck trying various nymphs and dries. Any advice would be great cheers.

  9. Alistair · June 15, 2007

    These conversations make me smile – we are all like minded kelvinators here 🙂

    Any of you guys meeting up some time ? I feel like a wee bash down Stu T’s end of the river 🙂


  10. Stu T · June 15, 2007

    Bryan, I have been finding my scrappy Deer Hair Emergers to be very successful, size 14. If they fail I usually tie on a PTN or GRHE with a spider on the dropper and the last resort is a goldhead PTN! (sorry). Hope this helps. I find the faster streamy runs more productive rather than the slow deep areas. Probably because my casting & presentation is very average!

  11. Alistair · June 15, 2007

    Hey Stu,

    Is there a lot of streamy runs up Torrance way ?


  12. Bryan McLean · June 15, 2007

    i try to fish the river 2 or 3 times a week. going down tonight for a few hours need to take a wee trip to the GAC to stock up of some flys. realy need to get into this matching the match senario.
    thanks for the info stu maybe see you down there sometime.

  13. Stu T · June 15, 2007

    Alistair, I usually fish from below the Torrance bridge down to past Balmore Village. The river generally meanders quite slowly through the flat farmland but there are fast runs to be found if you look for them, mostly further down near Balmore Village. Access to the river is very difficult here however; very overgrown but thats half the fun! I havent explored upstream of the Torrance Bridge yet but I have had a walk along the Glazert which is a nice little spate stream.

  14. Alistair · June 15, 2007

    Lets meet up when I get back from holidays 🙂

  15. Stu T · June 15, 2007

    Aye that sounds good to me. Enjoy your hols.

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