Oliver Under Fire

It seems Jamie Oliver is coming under even more pressure. A number of people have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority who were concerned about the validity of the claims that Scottish farmed salmon is “healthy”.
Have a gander at this Times Online Article
Here is a litte extract

Oliver has also been accused of hypocrisy for promoting the product — which he refuses to serve in his London restaurant — as part of a £4m advertising campaign for the supermarket giant Sainsbury.

Clarissa Dickson Wright, whose television career as one half of the Two Fat Ladies was launched by the same production company that discovered Oliver as a young chef, branded him a “whore”
Bruce Sandison of the environment group Salmon Farm Monitor said: “In my view Jamie Oliver is completely ill-advised to use his position as a celebrity chef to promote a product which is basically fat and unhealthy. Where is this farm? If it’s a paradise of environmental probity then surely they should be prepared to tell us where it is.”

That is Bruce Sandison the writer of many good books…..
Trout and Salmon Rivers and Lochs of Scotland

I will be interested to know how this little story develops……after all Mr Oliver can now hardly turn around and say he did not know that the fish suffered so as if you look down a couple of posts to “Jamie Oliver…..farmed salmon debate continues” you will see the statement he gave on his board about going to see the farms etc! I wont you to keep that in mind as this goes on 🙂