no fish…fantastic start

Ah yes, The Kelvin Trout wouldnt bve the same if they didnt act like the stubborn little buggers that they are. I would like to say that when i went down to the river today for the first time in a week i at least caught a couple. BUT i caught absolutley bugger all, ah well start the way you mean to go on and all that. I started at the vet school and worked my way down. I took my digital camera with me as i wanted to get some pictures in for the site. Actually what i had wanted was a nice picture of a Kelvin trout to show how nice they are , you know sometimes i think it is the camera that puts them off. Ah you gotta love em.
Anyways, i got some nice pictures for the site, now all i have to do is resize them, some are a bit blurry, so next time im down i will take some more.
Ta Ta