New Personal best for the dry fly….. 2lb

Well, today I caught my biggest brownie on the Dry fly, it was around the 2 lb mark, probably more over than under. Unfortunetly no photo as I was waist deep in the water and had a few folk watching me. I was all jittery and was having difficulty getting the fly out so just wanted to let the trout swim away as fast as possible.

It was at the vet school stretch and i was casting to the right
and then was casting to the left
I caught the 2lber as i was casting to fish on the left. The hatch must have lasted about a good hour or so and got another couple at the same bit. One of them was teetsy and the other one was around the 3/4 lb mark.

Earlier on I had a lovely trout, on the dry again…..
holding fish
Picture really doesnt do it justice to be honest.
Before I left there the vet school was starting to get really busy with bait fishers, at any one time there is only supposed to be 6 anglers but when i left there was around 10 and some of them had 2 rods out. I suppose the only good thing is that they were not catching anything.
I reckon i will have to retreat to my little secret pools and runs soon as the bait fishers are coming out in force

I had a bash at tying some dry flies last night and even though they seemed ok when I fished with them they sunk like a stone as soon as i cast with them…….how annoying.

It a warm day, rain was forecast but its roasting, i think the back of my neck is burnt.

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  • congratulation! what pattern was it? size? are you using your new furled leader? by “casting to a fish” you mena that you can see the fish or just rise forms? must be very exciting.

  • […] I think the most exiting thing that can happen when dry fly fishing is when you see the trout coming up to take your fly. The last say I was out fishing on the Kelvin I was casting downstream to a trout that I had seen rise, I was getting a drift of just a few feet and suddenly I seen a flash as a brownie rose up from the depths of the pool to take the fly, it came up like a rising torpedo. Just at the last moment it turned away as suddenly the fly started to drag across the surface. I cast again but this time the trout took and was certainly not a happy chappy as it was jumping out the water and generally raging that it snack was a bit of tomfoolery. The same thing happened when I caught my first big trout from the Kelvin. Exiting, you betcha […]