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Nigel Simmonds

Hi I lived in Glasgow from 2001 -2003 and had the most amazing capture in the Kelvin just below the yorkhill old mill
fisheding at night 11pm (middle of the river wading)saw a salmon leap and hooked it river was very high and in spate. played salmon almost out but didnt have a net so tried to edge it back to the bank. It dropped down a fast run into the next pool then i saw it come to the surface with what i thought was weed on its head. Next thing i knew it roared off downstream. I coulnt hold it so charged down through the big pool and right down under the bridge Imust have fought it for 25 mins and couldnt believe the power. Then the direction changed and it was pulling towards the bank I started finally geting closer and thought it must have jumped on to the bank. When i got close enough to see it to my amazment an otter held my salmon in its mouth it dropped my slamon and left me with a slightly marked 8lb salmon and my most memorable fishing capture yet.
An article was published in the daily record a month or so later


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  1. sharkie · April 7, 2005

    hey, this is pretty interesting.

    in the end, this guy won the fish, aye?


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