New Fly Line Time!!

To be honest I am disapointed with my Snowbee XS floating line. It lasted all of half a season before the tip section started to sink like a stone… is very very annoying. And it is not just a small amount I am talking about here, it is like around a yard and a half that sinks after around half an hour of fishing. I emailed Snowbee but because I do not have a receipt they will not exhange it. Which is kind of fair enough but then the more I think about it , it pisses me off. Anyway, maybe I will get a snowbee line again in the future but then again maybe not. The thing is with myself as a consumer is that once you have got a hold of me with a good product then you will have me for life. I think it is different over in the states when it comes to customer service as they pretty much realise this………over here it is all money money money!!

Pah!! will let you know what line I buy tommorow!!

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  1. michael · May 6, 2005

    hi alistair, not sure if this is too late, but i’ve used a Greys Platinum fly line on my 6 weight rod for a while now , and it’s an excellent line. cheaper than snowbee too. worth checking out.

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