Navy sails in to clean up Kelvin

I came across this storywhen I got back from my trip(more on that later) – sounds positive

ROYAL NAVY sailors are teaming up with a local environment charity to help clean up the River Kelvin.

A 40-strong team from Clyde-built HMS Daring will be using special equipment including open-top canoes to clear hard-to-reach spots on the river bank.

And the crew will also be planting 200 oak trees supplied by Kelvin Clyde Greenspace and Glasgow City Council in Dawsholm Park.

Commander David Shutts of HMS Daring is lending the support of his crew to clear-up group Friends of the River Kelvin on April 18.

Sally Johnston of FORK said: “It’s is an incredible amount of time and effort for us to have at our disposal.

“The benefit to the river and those who use it for relaxation and leisure will be invaluable. The knock-on effect for wildlife is vast.

“The day will be a great chance for our charity and for the navy matelots.

“The chance to team-build in an unusual context helps their onboard spirit and can create a sense of pride in the local community.”

Canoes and safety equipment for the clean-up day will be provided by Wildside Africa while Food for Thought, a Glasgow-based charity, will be making lunch for the Navy crew.

The big clear-up is another boost for the Clean Glasgow campaign which the Evening Times has been backing for the past two months.

Friends of the River Kelvin meet once a month to clear up rubbish and debris dumped along the riverbank and surrounding areas.


Source:Evening Times


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