Named Pools on the Kelvin?

How exactly does one go about naming pools?

Is it through history that the accepted name for a pool comes into being or can they be made up on the spot. There have never been any formal names for pools or areas on the Kelvin and I wondered whether we could try and gather as much info as possible on what people call the areas that they fish. I know at some point in the near future maps will be drawn up of the river and I suppose now would be a good time to start naming pools so that we all had a rough idea where we are all talking about – we all remember the famous tree pool debacle!

Major sections would include: The Vet School Stretch, Dawsholm Park, Kelvingrove Park, and the Botany Stretch etc

Pools my pals and I talk about – The Sanitary Towel Pool, The Petrol Pool, Skateboard Pool

Have any of you guys named any pools or stretches we could put on the map?