Murky Water = Nil Pike

What I wanted to do was get the boy and wife in the car and head for the hills for a couple of hours – I could have a cast at trout in a burn and the family could watch at a respectable distance – no doubt impressed not only by my fish catching ability but with my incredible manliness as a hunter gatherer.


Hunter Gatherer in Action - Wife not Amused

As it was the boy was not impressed at going into his car seat so the plan was changed to a walk along the canal – preparations were quickly made for urban pike on the fly action, or at least urban fly action as it turned out the water was so murky due to the previous two days rain that no respectable pike would even see my fly unless it landed on its head.

Still, a nice walk and cast is a nice walk and cast – it is pleasant watching the transition into spring – also I noticed some nice new bollards had been erected at a path that leads to the road – these bollards stop cars from being driven onto the canal walkway and then into the canal – if you look at the above picture you can see them on the right next to the graffitied electrical box.

Bollard next to canal

Bollard next to canal

On closer inspection I turns out they have been decorated with a rather nice fish – I wonder who designed and spent all the time coating the bollard.

Doubt it swims in the canal though...

Doubt it swims in the canal though...

It was nice casting the 8 weight again – it was only when I returned home that I thought I maybe should have tried a popper. 


Loose Loops - not really sexy ones!

Loose Loops - not really sexy ones!

Oh well – there is always tomorrow!


  1. scott · May 2, 2009

    I had a frustrating but exciting night down the canal, had a good few solid takes but couldnt get any to stick. like you say, theres always tomorrow!

  2. Alistair · May 2, 2009

    Was it just as Murky up your end Scott?

  3. Stuart B · May 2, 2009

    I’m sure the local yokels will create their own modifications to the bollards ..probably off-site 🙂

  4. Stuart B · May 2, 2009

    Alistair .Here’s the answer to your question about the bollard designs.

  5. Alistair · May 2, 2009

    Fantastic Stuart – that is a nice find – I knew it had to be something like that!

    I hope they do not get vandalised – or maybe that is the cunning plan – get the kids to make things in the local community to install a bit of pride!

  6. Stuart B · May 2, 2009

    “Was it just as Murky up your end Scott?”

    What kind of question is that to ask anyone Alistair ? 🙁

  7. Alistair · May 2, 2009

    #Hits Stuart over the head with a comedy sized inflatable mobile phone#

    Took you about 6 hours to come up with that gag!


  8. SimonGraham · May 2, 2009

    Think today’s post on my blog Alister will make you cringe.

    SimonGraham’s last blog post..Piking nirvana

  9. Alistair · May 2, 2009


    That looks awesome!

  10. scott · May 2, 2009

    There was about 2.5/3ft visibility in the water, not too bad for a busy stretch of the canal, like i say, i got loads of hits off small fish but none would stick, pain in the arse!

  11. Alistair · May 2, 2009

    Very strange – your bit of the canal gets more boat traffic as well – I wonder if it is more silty up my end 🙂

  12. scott · May 2, 2009

    I’ve been fishing it further up than usual, the water there tends to be marginally clearer anyway but it was still good considering i saw a few boats in the few hours i was out. we need to get a trip to that part soon methinks.

  13. dave lindsay · May 2, 2009

    brilient read mate

    dave lindsay’s last blog post..back to big flies

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