Muddy Water

I got to the Kelvin around 5pm. I thought the rain we had would have freshened the river up a bit. I had noticed on the SEPA site it had risen a few inches. It was the colour of mud…perfect I thought; I love it like this…

Wait, no – I hate it like this – it makes the trout dour and bloody impossible to catch – to prove my point I managed to spook the only rising trout in the vicinity by pricking him. After sadly taking my gear off I went for a wander along the river only to find another rising trout…I watched him for 20 mins taking something off the surface. It was enjoyable watching the trout and I wondered whether I should go back and get my waders on – it would mean wading upstream in water that I am not too familiar with. I decided against it.

I have had the nagging feeling I missed out on something though.


  1. Paul · June 6, 2008

    I was hoping to fish it tonight as well Alistair but its just a bit too coloured so didn’t bother .Clyde or Avon in the morning i reckon.

  2. Alistair · June 6, 2008

    If you see it in the morning Paul before you leave do you fancy telling me how much it has cleared ?

  3. Paul · June 6, 2008

    Its still a bit coloured Alistair,but certainly clearer than yesterday.Im off to the Avon,have a good day if you head out.

  4. Andy · June 6, 2008

    fished it today with my mate behind the science park. it was very hard going with all the sun but as soon as we got some cloud cover i pulled out a lovely broony about 12 inch tempted by a worm and didnt have my scales. my mate got an eel haha.

    someone pulled a salmon out up past the bridge or so i heard…

  5. Alistair · June 6, 2008

    How did you get on Paul?

  6. Paul · June 6, 2008

    Had a ridiculous morning up the Avon.Caught 20-30 fish,with none above 9 inches.Lost the only decent fish i hooked all day.Good for the reflexes though.Reckon the bigger fish are very wary in the low water and bright conditions.Well done getting a few fish up the Clyde.

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