More rain!

Well the rain just keeps on going doesnt it. The level seems to have topped at around 2.8m and is starting to fall. It still means that the river wont be back in condition untill sometime a good few days from now….unless the rain keeps falling.
I passed by the canal today and I started to think about the Pike that are in it. Here is an old photee
Its a tasty little Pike spot. I think it would be pretty hard to fish with the fly so Im think about getting the old spinning rod out and heading down with some plugs. In the past Ive had some nice Pike out of that canal……hmmmm. I used to raid my Mothers cutlery drawer and steal spoons, drill two holes, put a treble in one and a swivel in the other. A little smiley face in paint and it would catch Pike all day.
You know something….this is turning slowly into a plan…..