Milngavie fly dressers started..

..well, it was actually last week actually however I am just getting round to posting this just now due to shock at the trout season ending and a nasty bug AND a bloody sore back due to lack of movement.

A triple whammy!

Alberto says:

The Milngavie fly dressing club goes from strength to strength and its that time of year again when we publish our program and dates. We always seem to have a core membership that remain loyal and others that drift in and out. Some come for a little bit of instruction others to listen to a speaker and others simply for a chat. We welcoming everyone whatever their motives.

What does he mean? Whatever their motives?

You can see the program here however I see a couple of good demos coming up – Dougie Loughridge will be tying up some Pike flies and Alberto is showing us all about Tenkara.

See you there (when I am better)



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