Matching the Hatch

So this year I am determined to actually identify the flies on the water. Last year at the start of the season the trout were going crazy for the large dark olives, so I have been tying up many patterns. I suppose fly identification and fly fishing go hand in hand! Therefore I have been consulting my little bible of flies.

Matching the Hatch: Stillwater, River and Stream

For those that dont have it it is

A guide to help the angler choose the right artificial fly, including macro-photography of insect life combined with selections of the most lookalike lure. The book suggests that the angler observes the insect that seems to attract the most, and choose a fly from the photographs supplied

The photos really are very good, and it should sort out those “what fly to try today” for begginers as it gives you 7 patterns for any situation!


  1. Alan Atkins · March 4, 2006

    I find that for large dark olives at the start of the season you cannot beat the waterhen bloa with hackles trimmed so that its fished semi dry

  2. Alistair · March 4, 2006

    Yup, last year the trout were taking them well from near day 1 🙂

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