Made that trout all the sweeter!

Yesterday was roasting hot and last night was warm. It was so hot that I thought I was going to blank at one point. As it was I managed a nice plump trout from a tiny bit of pocket water. It was beautifully spotted, hundreds of them tightly packed along its body. Not the typical Kelvin trout I thought. I never got a picture as by the time I got my camera out I just felt it was that little bit too long, then it jerked and was in the water.
I must have covered the trout around 20 times before it took the fly. When it did, it took it aggressively. Whilst I was fishing I heard different guys on the road near me who were obviously worse for wear after watching the football. Here is a selection of what I heard…

“I have NEVER seen anyone catch a fish out of the Kelvin”

“Look at that fanny, thinks he will catch a fish…..hey mate you are a fanny”

“You’ll catch nothing but sunstroke” (note: it was 11pm)

Made that trout all the sweeter!

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  1. Bryce Scobie · June 10, 2006

    I really enjoy your wee fishing stories son. The Kelvin was an open sewer when I was your age, and it’s great to see where it is now, I used to catch wee trout in the Allander by wading in all the inaccesible places. Apparently you can’t take a little criticism about your bad grammar. I have never been expurgated before, but there’s always a first time. Sensitive son, sensitive. Do you burn books in your spare time?
    Regards Bryce.

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