Lots of flies- however trout not looking up yet !

So, on Saturday I and Mike headed down to another river that we fish. It was a strange day all round. There were large amounts of Large Dark Olives on the water but very few trout were actually rising. In fact if the truth be told I only saw a few trout rising the whole day. One of them I caught and another that sadly got away. I was wrapped up nice and warm with my polar buff and my giant Willy Wonka Polaroid’s.

Here is a picture of me although the top half of my body has been cut off. This is because I am far too sexy in my fishing gear and I do like a bit of piece and quiet when I fish…
Not being one to go on about the one that got away but it was by far my largest wild brown trout from this river I have ever had. It was rising just beyond a rock. I floated my Klinkhammer over it but it was ignored. I then heard Emmanuelle’s voice in my head “try something smaller” (which is his answer to just about all problems with fish, to be fair he does catch approx 10 times the amount I do so it is good advice) so putting on a little F fly I cast and it was taken the first drift. The trout managed to get below me, after bumping into my legs on the way and then into some choppy water where it then did a runner. Ahh, well at least I actually seen it.
Later we moved to nymphs as the trout were being particularly dour.
I had one little pull but Mike got this beauty of a trout (not as sexy and therefore with part of his head showing)

The river was a good bit higher creating many little pools and pockets water bits that are usually not there- here is me creeping up on what we thought was a rising fish- it was in fact just Large Dark Olives coming the the surface and hatching