Lessons whilst fishing

An intense three days fishing, where to begin? Well on Friday I decided to hit the Kelvin as I have not fished it in a number of weeks now. A mixture of poor weather and the fact that at the weekends the place is chocka block made me fish other rivers. I decided on a few hours down the vet school but alas it was not to be, the river was at a good height but the colour of mud. I decided that maybe a trip to one of the tributaries might be in order so did a quick dash (I am enjoying this driving lark) as I knew I had to go and pick Claire up from a night out. It was pretty slow if the truth be told, it was a nice height but there was just not many trout rising or feeding. On reflecting on the lesson that I learned from this session (you learn something from every session, I always make a point now of asking myself what I learned, also other people as sometimes I am a bit thick). I considered the rather nasty bush I encountered on my way down the embankment to the river. The embankments are around 8 foot high and covered in a variety of bushes, massive nettle patches, bees, wasps and giant spiders. You see, I forgot the reason that I bought a rather nice snazzy dedicated fishing shirt with long sleeves (that can be rolled up and then buttoned so they actually stay up) was that my arms always got scratched when finding my way through bushes- it used to make people think I am into self harm in a BIG way. What I usually do is keep them rolled up and then put them down when going through bushes. Anyway, I was half way down the embankment when I realised that I was wearing just a short sleeved shirt (my snazzy fishing one being in the wash) and that I was approaching what can only be describes as a “fucking jaggy bush” I was at the point of no return so soldiered on, went down on my arse and then was instantly accosted by bees and jaggy things…..ah the joys of fishing. Knowing that this would not have put Steve Irwin off I soldiered on, finally dropping two foot into the water with an impact that scared off every trout within half a mile.
fucking bushes

I then crept up the water, keeping my profile low and using tiny cdc flies…I am sure there is a lesson in there, I think it might be to make sure my shirt is always freshly laundered in time!

Will tell you about Saturday later…


  1. George · September 18, 2006

    Wha Hay :o)

    Hey Alistiar …. liked the wee story above ?

    You know, if you had a ” dutyfull wife ” .. Claire would have forgon that night out and made sure your shirt was ready :o)


    If you were a new age man, you would have made sure you would have been organised and had 3 shirts :o)
    … one on, one in the wash and one spare !!

    Well better skoot, before I hear from an irrate Claire threatening me to a Autumnal dip in the Kelvin .. nice :o)

    Speak soon Bud :o)

    George :o)

    ps .. got my 11th rainbow last Monday .. nice 2lb 5oz … messy old business cleaning 25lb of fish

    Chin Chin :o)

  2. alex mcguffie · September 18, 2006

    Hay Alistiar roll yourself up in bubble wrap, adorn a fencing helmet lie down at the top of the embankment and push, making sure you roll towards the river.The bubble wrap also cushions the splash.

    cheers mate

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