Last Days….

The Summer is now into its old age and heading towards its grave – the leaves are falling off the trees and I had been hoping to have one final cast before the winter (and close season hit) – I also had a plan to clean the grime from my Salmon fishing exploits off my waders..

I have no idea - liquid evil possibly?

 When I gazed at my chosen stream from a bridge it looked perfect – problem is I have never fished this part so was not sure what it should actually look like. It looks nice though – pools, riffles,runs etc.

Good from a distance…

Problem was when I drove up the river for this stolen hour I was to find the fishing not quite impossible but certainly not enjoyable..

Running Brown...

It was also raining and blowy – I decided that I would rather chill and watch the birds for a bit instead of frantically getting myself set up. The good news for next year is that I have found another couple of trout streams (small uns’) that I intend to have a bash on next year.

Over the next week or so I will start to dissect the season and we can have a chat about it – for now I am going to start getting my fly tying gear out and start planning!




  1. The from a distance photo kinda reminds me of the Water of Leith in Edinburgh, very nice. I find that when my local river is running a bit high and coloured streamer fishing comes into it’s own, my last trip for the season was just so, I hit 11 trout in and hour and a half and missed/lost as many again all on a size 10 Woolly Bugger. Not sure if visitors to this site do much streamer fishing but it can produce some great sport when small rivers are coloured up.

    I’m about to get the vice set up with winter Pike and Grayling in mind, enjoy your tying Alistair.

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