Kelvinator Forum Meet and Greet (and fish obviously)

OK – I think it would be pretty neat if some of us could meet up for a wee evening session – we have got to come up with a place – this will obviously be based around numbers, for example if a few folk fancy it then we can meet up in the West End or if several folk fancy it we can head a little bit further out the city – maybe above the vet school where there is lots of untapped water (apart from a couple of guys).

At the moment I am planning a trout evening session however if all goes well a Salmon one will be planned when the big runs start – I will be relying on some of the salmon gurus on the forum to organise that one – well I can organise it however for any advice and tactics you will need to ask them.

If you guys are up for it in the fall we can organise a Pike meet up on the canal where we can all freeze our rocks off.

So – I need a rough idea of numbers – I think we need to know this quite early on so that we can come up with a venue – so if three guys say yes and we choose the west end and 10 turn up we will have little room to fish.

If you have been lurking on the forum as a guest this might be a good idea to sign up or log in and put your name forward.

You see this is why I like people using real names in the Kelvin Forum – it means when you guys meet there will be no “Oh, I am Big Boaby Big Baws fae the forum”

Saying that I may have shot myself in the foot there – could be potential for some comedy meetings.

Community Wall

Community Wall

At the moment I am thinking sometime in June – maybe towards the end – depends on the weather really.

Who is up for it?