Kelvin Badges?

I like the idea of the new start we have had on the Kelvin and thought it would be nice to commemorate it in some way.  I keep hearing about these mythical “Gold Cards” that some guys got years ago when the association was formed and obviously it would be good to have done something on the 20th anniversary and the 25th anniversary is 4 more years ago so it would be nice to come up with something a bit sooner.

I was actually thinking about a rather snazzy enamel badge for each member. We could get get one for trout only permits and one for Salmon. I kinda half thought we could get a new badge for each year however considering how difficult it is to organise the permit packs maybe we could buy some of them and the members could order them from us?

We do not have a lot of folk on the Kelvin that buy the Trout/fly only ticket on the Kelvin. At £15 it is pretty good value for folk that want to add an extra river on to their existing list of rivers they fish in the West of Scotland and I was wondering if a custom badge would be something that may make them stand out a little bit more. At the moment a lot of guys are using the handy attachment on the back of their permit and attaching it on to their waistcoat or bag and I think that is great as it means you can instantly see whether someone has a permit or not. This is what I have been doing over the last season after being pulled up by a member when I was not carrying mine. The rules clearly state that if you catch a Salmon you must have your permit and your tags with you and I think that is why a lot of Salmon anglers have taken to wearing their badge at all times.

Personally I would rather have something that I could easily attach to my waistcoat and then forget about it – just like a wee badge.

What do you guys think?


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  1. JP2 · September 27, 2013

    That sounds pretty cool….Heck, even though I have a snowball’s chance in the warm place of fishing the Kelvin one of those badges would look good on a vest or bag on this side of the pond….hmmmm…..JP2