Kelvin Angling Association EGM

So it is only a couple of days until the crazy kids that make up the river Kelvin angling fraternity meet up once more to discuss the parentage of the committee!
I wonder what will happen this year – shock accusations, heartening confessions, threats of handbags at dawn – I think we have had them all – something tells me though that Wednesday night will be full of surprises – one of which might be just how boring the constitution of the association actually is. Every member now has an original copy with the proposed changes – the original copy had to be painstakingly translated from an ancient weegie dialect – it was written on crumbling parchment that was covered in coffee, whiskey and blood stains!

Of course nobody will actually read the changes (which are minor) but will probably focus on the original constitution which pretty much sums up the time it was written in – there was only a couple of hundred members in those days and to be honest I do not think any of them actually fished the river. On my first jaunty on to the committee (before I was not told of any meetings) I was surprised to find that none of the office bearers actually fished the river – like none of them!  To be fair though even a few years ago you could not get anyone to actually step up for any of the office bearer positions – in fact trying to get people to turn up at a committee meeting was difficult.

Now the committee and office bearers of the association are made up of anglers that fish the river – I think this is great.

Sneezy Lord Kelvin

Anyway – I am loaded with a cold and feel like crap – seemingly my job is to check everyone has their permit on them as they come in the door – nice one, you can all guarantee you will be feeling particularly shitty just in time for the weekend.

See you there!