Kelvin AGM- 23rd January TUESDAY 7pm

So members of the River Kelvin Angling Club will soon be receiving the annual reports and accounts of the club. It is also the notice of when the AGM will be taking place. Last week I received a letter stating the AGM would be taking place on Thursday 25th January at 7 pm in Partck Burgh Hall. I duly put this date in my diary. After spending around 45 mins putting over 400 leaflets in envelopes and then sticking on stamps we found that the date is in fact wrong in the newsletter (and on the letter sent out to the committee). It states in the newsletter that AGM will be on Thursday the 23rd of January. This in fact is a Tuesday. The Tuesday is the correct date for the AGM. We spoke about how to rectify this, it was suggested that we could write on the envelopes the correct date, however considering the joke names and addresses that were found amongst the member list we decided that it might just confuse people further. A notice will be placed in the newspaper and a signs put up in Angling shops. Dougie stated that people don’t go into angling shops in the close season as they are not fishing however considering some unscrupulous members were still catching Salmon a full month after the season ended I would imagine they might still be stocking up on prawns or such like.

You gotta love it- the one thing that had to be right…..was wrong. 🙂


  1. alan atkins · January 9, 2007

    Alistair, why not use the web site to pool questions / comments for the AGM from Kelvin fishers that are unable to make the AGM on the night of the 23rd. I hope to make an appearance this year, but one point that i would like to make is regarding the stocking of seatrout. How long ago was the first stocking done?, what measures are in place to monitor sea trout stocks ? etc Like yourself, i have fished many parts of the Kelvin at dusk and into the dark and have never heard any splashes from sea trout ?

  2. Alistair · January 9, 2007

    Hi Alan,

    I have thought about it and am loathe to do this as this site started out as my own diary. I may get questions or comments that I do not agree with and then be in the position of having to knock them back. If the Kelvin club asked me to set aside a section for their use that was for purely information giving or retrievel than I could set that up however they have never asked. In fact I presume they think the web is a waste of time. At one meeting they asked me if anyone outside the room knew about the site…..only a few hundred a day from all over the world I had to reply!
    Would love to see you there and to be able to hear your (much mor einformed questions) than mine 🙂


  3. alan atkins · January 9, 2007

    Fair enough Alistair, i suppose you could be opening awhloe can of worms. It is a good thing that the site is separate from the club and i always like to think of it like having a sneaky peak at someone’s diary !! I think it also serves as a useful forum for all fishers, especially with features on other rivers, pike and seatout / slamon fishing, and i always look to the site to relieve the boredom of office life, especially during the closed season – long may it continue to grow. However, it is a shame that the club does not, at least, recognise the good messages that you are sending out to fishers from far and wide. Hope to see you at the AGM , i will really make an effort to attend this year.

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