That is me shivering by the way.

I got to the river mid-afternoon for a couple of hours, the temp was to be a maximum of 11 and it certainly felt like it. I was wearing shorts under my breathablea and my toes were numb on the drive up the road to pick up the youngest.

Not that the ice cold wind put the flies or trout off, they appeared in abundance – not that I got to see many trout though.

flies in abundance..

My first trout from the Kelvin of the year was thankfully an unfluked trout – I spotted it rising, waded to it and then cast a few times until the drift was correct and then BAM!


Sadly my 2nd trout from the Kelvin and probably around 5 times the size of the first did not come to my hand, instead I cast for it, hooked it and it launched itself around the pool before getting below me. I had a brief flash in my head that at least I managed to see it and already knew for some reason it would not be posing for a photo when the line went slack and the trout and my fly was gone – bad knot (angler error).

I made a phone call to SEP reporting this rather evil looking thing and stuff…

Evil stuff,,

It was only when I got home did I find out that there had been a significant discharge of something upstream and this was why I kept thinking their was a white sheen to the water – you can probably see it in the first picture.

As ever I was appalled at the amount of litter in the river and wondered why someone would chuck water tablets in the river – at first I thought they were benzo’s but turned out they were simply water tablets.

No Diazepam!

I watched a couple of guys ledgering catch a trout and then take what felt like an age before I watched them toss it back in the water with a splash – they looked down for a bit so I assumed it was struggling.

I waded back down the river covering a few trout on the way, at one point stopping to scale everything down as my comparadun was too big.

It was still great to be out and about.


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  1. Richard · May 4, 2019

    I take it that pipe is just down stream of the sluice it’s ridiculous that waste is still being discharged out of pipes like this , hopefully separate get their finger out and find what’s responsible and hopefully what’s in the river already won’t do too much harm

  2. Alistair · May 4, 2019

    An update to my post yesterday – SEPA called me back to today to tell me that Scottish Water had visited and they think that someone has had some dodgy plumbing done in the flats next to the river – he was surprised they went out so quick. I have a reference number which i will pass on to Paul and Willie. They will probably have to to a dye test to work out what property it is coming from.

    In the meantime I have a bag of postcrete which I will use if it is not resolved in a few weeks. (only kidding)