Just one of those nights!!!

I realised almost instantly that I had made a wrong decision.
Ordinarily it would not have mattered I would just give my better half a phone but this time it was different: I had lent her my mobile phone as she was going on a night out. I had arranged for my future mother in law to come and pick me at quarter to nine and it was around 6pm. In this little tributary the water was too low, it was too bright and the action would be happening just when I was packing up and in the morning I had banged the side of my head off a door meaning I could not wear my cap to keep the sun out of my eyes…..all in all I was not happy.
I could see Omens everywhere…
So I started my get out plan, there is a wee pub near the river that I was sure would have a phone, I phone my better half who would come back and pick me up (she would not have left yet) and drop me off at the Kelvin. That was where I should be this evening, I was pretty sure it would have cleared as well, in fact in my minds eye it was looking absolutely great, in fact when my better half comes to pick me up I would get her to bring my cap….bugger the pain!!!
I dismantled my stuff and headed up to the pub, they were not amused to see me tramping in with wet waders and dark sunglasses looking like some kind of deranged fishing commando.
“What are you after Sir?”
“Um, where is you payphone?”
“We don’t have one Sir; most people have mobiles these days!”

Damn and blast, that was me stuck here until later, and I hadn’t caught any fish either. I made a determined effort to make the best of a bad situation and went looking for deeper pools, finding a couple and spooking all the fish, the Omens were getting worse as well.
welly boot

Finally I managed a couple of teeny troot and sat outside the pub on the grass wondering what kind of mushrooms were on their grass, people gave me odd looks but bugger them.

I developed a very sore head, when I got home I decided on a large pizza and went to me bed with a gin & tonic.

EDIT….almost as soon as i wrote this post I then checked my mobile phone that my other half had taken out with her…….there was a text from another kelvin fisher that said….“The kelvin is looking fishier than billingsgate market! Probably in as good condition as its been all season”