1. brian · June 2, 2007

    can you please tell me when the sea trout start running on the kelvin please.

  2. Alistair · June 2, 2007

    Hey Brian,

    This is a copy of the email I sent you

    Sorry I have not replied sooner. I am no expert on Sea Trout and Salmon however I have spoken to many people about the runs of ST and S. I don’t think Sea Trout run the Kelvin in any great numbers – I have fished until well after dark and have never heard any splashing in the pools where you would expect to find them. I have also seen very few salmon – I have seen some dead ones and the occasional big red kipper splashing about in big pools but it is simply the trout I am after – Sea Beasts are bloody stupid fish, damn things don’t even eat….

    Saying that though, I would expect if someone was determined enough they could fish regularly after dark with a small mini tube and eventually pick up a Sea Trout. Running times for Sea Trout change with every year and river – i would say towards the end of this month more migratory fish will enter the system. Pick yourself a nice pool somewhere, get to know it intimately and make sure you can cast with your eyes shut and then get down there at 11am – fish the pool when it is dark and fish until day break – you may well be sending me pictures of big fish !!

    However, just because I am pretty unobservent when it comes to Salmon does not mean they are not there, a reader “Charlie Dunn” is a regular salmon catcher on the Kelvin – he may be able to fill us all in on when he catches Sea Trout ?

    Good luck

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