January Springwatch

Never let it be said I am not an optimist however I was playing in the garden with the boys today and experienced two signs of Spring. My youngest called me over to the first.

The boy spots something...

I had to peer through my Winter fog brain however I noticed some more sprouting up elsewhere in the garden.


Signs of life?

They are a bit early by a good month (or two) however when I was talking to the boys about spring we then heard a woodpecker drumming away on a tree which is another sign of approaching Spring. Out on my morning run jog this morning I was nearly tripping over mole hills.

I have been doing some Spring stuff on the old blog as well, changing fonts and what not. I have also been making some posts over of the Urban Fly Fisher facebook page, mostly trawling through my archives for stuff that I enjoyed writing that I want to show off. If you would like to see that content when you are looking up pals etc please like it here.

I wonder if nature knows something we do not?

I bloody hope so, an early spring would be nice.



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