Its Low, dangerously low!!

Yesterday I decided to get the bus along to Partick and fish the West End stretch. The pools along through Kelvinbridge. My right foot was wet the second I put my foot in my waders, I knew that was a bad sign, My feet had been sweating yesterday as it was so hot and hadnt dried out.
When I got there, I had to actually get down to the water, I climed a fence and before me there was about a two foot drop and then about 10 feet of mud and then another 2 feet to climb back up……..I should have learnt my lesson from that time I got stuck down in the bushes….I jumped down and was ankle deep in mud, black mud, making my boots black. I took another step and then another………EEAAAGRGGG I was up to my shins… would think at this point I would have turned would think that, but you would be wrong……another step …up to my knees, stinking clinging black mud…..another step up to my thighs…..getting a bit panicky now…I could see myself sinking and disapearing in this bog, a most bizzare death indeed…..I struggled on spurred on by the fact that I knew the Daily Record would have a fieled day if that happened. Eventually I get to the other side and managed to pull myself out with a big wet GLOOP”

Anyway, I caught nowt, and found another way to get back up to the path…..eagrh

The water was as low as Ive seen it for a good while. This is a picture of the water guage at the green pool that is under Great Western Road…..sometimes I see bait fishers here and i wonder what they would do if they actually caught a fish…
water guage

I walked on through the park, occassonally casting a fly but there was not really much point. I eventually came to the Ha’penny bridge. The kelvin at this point used to be spanned by a wrought iron bridge(which cost a ha penny to use), it was washed away in 1994 when the river flooded. The Friends of the River Kelvin were instrumental in gettin a new bridge built. here it is

I met a guy here out for a walk, used to fish the river years ago byt then gave up fishing as he caught the cludgey from it.

I still had my wet right foot!! It was annoying!!

I walked and walked and walked….a lovely walk Ive got to admit, but wearing waders in such a hot day was pretty tough, even if they are godlike vision extremes.
I came to the big Maryhill basin, A lot of fish congregate here, and at the right times this pool is lined by bait fishers.
marhill basin

I walked on until i got to Dawsholm Park. There was a couple of guys from SEPA investigating a water leak that had been going now for a good few years. The reason they were concerned about it now was that there was a blue dye in it which meant that someone looked as if they were trying to find a sewage line somewhere. A couple of nice guys, and as a plus we seen a kingfisher. I took one of the guys along the river a bit to show him a shady pipe that i had seen sanitary products coming out of, he wasnt that concerned at that time but told me to phone back if it ever happened again. He also expressed great concern as the water was so low, if it continued we should expect another fish kill, there was salmon in the pools and the amonia levels are dangerously high….dodgy!

I walked up to the vet school, boiling hot , I seen a couple of juvinile trout rising but decided not to cast to em.
On my way back i seen a few nice fish rising but would have had to walk back around to the bridge to get to the other bank amd i was knackered……..marked their position and wandered back to the flat for a shower and a meal.

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