Its a bit windy!!

Went down to the river fora few hours today. Well, one hour to be exact, i caught a couple of tiddlers and one nice sized at around quarter of a pound mark.
It was a bit windy, trees blowing about, little flowery thingsblown on the water that kept getting caught in my fly.Also the water was a good deal lower than usual, i would say around half a foot lower. Did i mention the wind? Have you actually tried to cast a four weight into a strong wind? its not a pretty site I assure you…….damn near had my eye out a couple of times.
Didnt get a chance to try out my “grey dusters” that I have been tying up. I decided to tie up a good few in a range of sizes as
a. They seem to catch fish, they look like a wide variety of insects
b. looks like that fly Bob Wyatt gave me……..possibly a variation
c. I have all the matarials
d. its easy.

Unfortunetly I did not get a chance to try them out today as the wind was so strong, but pretty much like all my dry flys so far i can pretty much bet they will do U-Boat impersonations.

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  1. generalape · May 18, 2004

    been too busy at work to get anywhere near the kelvin. ‘cept over the QM bridge on my way home. saw all the blossom on the river today, kinda purdy but, as you have noticed, a pain in the ass for the ‘ol fly.

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