Interesting weekend

So what a weekend!
Saturday I went to the other river that I sometimes fish, the same place that I went last eek with Mike and it happened again. What happened again? Well I lost another big trout, however this trout was by far the biggest trout I have ever hooked. It was across the other side of the river and by some rather nice casting on my part (an ordinary cast in anyone else’s book) I managed to tempt the trout with a parachute olive.
The trout was on for a few minutes and then managed to straighten my kamasan B100 hook. I have heard of these straightening in the past but I thought the Nickel ones were supposed to be a little stronger. Emmanuelle managed to lose a trout later and we left without landing a single fish even though we had risen and played trout.

On Sunday I was up early shovelling large amounts of stones out my garden, desperately trying to get it done for 1pm as I knew the Kelvin would be back in action. I met another couple of Kelvin fishers, Charlie and Alex. Charlie is supposed to be a bit of a novice when it comes to rivers but still managed to catch a couple of nice trout. I managed around 4 around the ¼ mark and Alex managed to blank somehow.
I found a nice little pool with rising fish so sent Alex in as he had not caught any- we were going to give him marks out of ten. Seeing as how he did not catch the fish but did not fall in I think we awarded him 3.
The Vet school was very busy with anglers, I think at the weekends I will be seeking quieter waters on the river.

As we were getting packed up- I noticed Alex was putting all his gear into plastic bags. Hey– I asked- why did you not just wear your gear on the bus? He gave some excuse about not being as cool as me but secretly we both know that I look not just cool but sexy as well. Anyway, I got him to half promise to wear his chest waders on Glasgow Underground. Now that will be a photo for the blog 


  1. mike · April 25, 2006

    that’s pretty harsh.. Twice in about a week. Still, it’s a good sign, hooking fish like that. Was there much hatching when you were there? I managed some time on Sunday, but after about 12.30, it just went dead, despite the warmth and sunshine.

  2. mike · April 25, 2006

    and another thing, the same guy was there spinning again, despite the much lower water. Some people will never get it..

  3. kevin · April 25, 2006

    you said the river at the Vet School was busy?…was it busy with salmon anglers? are the salmon in the kelvin yet?

  4. Alistair · April 25, 2006

    How do you tell what a Salmon angler looks like? If it was fly I would know but some of the guys that fish bait just chuck it out and leave it.
    Salmon are rarerly caught in the vet school ….in fact I have never heard of one being caught there!


  5. Trout Underground · April 25, 2006

    Just wanted to poke my head in and say “hi” from the Mountains of Northern California – home of the Upper Sacramento River and the Trout Underground blog.

    It’s pretty remote up here, so there aren’t any buses where we can wear our fishing gear, but I gotta say I admire the concept… 😎

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  7. icatchkelvinsalmon · April 25, 2006

    “18031 Comment by kevin

    26/4/2006 @ 10:44 am

    you said the river at the Vet School was busy?…was it busy with salmon anglers? are the salmon in the kelvin yet?

    18037 Comment by Alistair

    26/4/2006 @ 5:02 pm

    How do you tell what a Salmon angler looks like? If it was fly I would know but some of the guys that fish bait just chuck it out and leave it.
    Salmon are rarerly caught in the vet school ….in fact I have never heard of one being caught there!

    Alistair ”

    In all fairness to Alistair you are asking the wrong guy for any information on Salmon in the Kelvin.

    It is folly to expect a confessed trout addict to understand the movements of the migratory fish in the kelvin when, going by his own catch reports in the blog, he is concentrating on fish under the pound mark.

    Unless the large trout in the river are being targeted the chances of covering salmon water are slim.
    The small trout, which Alistair enjoys catching so much, do not generally inhabit the same pieces of water as the salmon therefore He does not come across either the salmon nor the anglers that catch a good number of salmon and grilse every season.

    An obvious exception which can again be explained by Alistairs naivity of the salmon in the Kelvin is the fact that not only did I catch grilse(1sea winter salmon)in various stretches of the Kelvin last season I also managed to catch not one but three grilse in the in Garscube Estate(vet college) last season in only two visits also losing yet another.
    These Garscube fish were small fish of up to four and three quarter pounds.
    One of them was the smallest escapee farmed salmon to be caught last season.A tiddler of four and a quarter pounds.(for the record my wild fish didn’t get much over five pound this season)

    How Alistaiar has failed to know of “any” salmon being caught in what has been a fairly consistent area for catching salmon for over a decade defies beleif.
    How long have you been fishing down through Garscube?

    On the subject of “How do you tell what a Salmon angler looks like?”

    Alistair,come on now.
    Surley even a small trout perturber like yourself can use your eyes to look at other anglers baits,rigs,reels line and rods and coupled with thier methodology be able to say with some degree of certainty what thier intended quarry is.

    The long and the short of this “reply” is to ask you,Alistair,would you please add a paragraph on your home page letting viewers know that Salmon in the River Kelvin is not your forte.
    This way novices seeking help and advice in catching some of the large numbers of Salmon caught from the river each season know that you are only “good” for passing your take on fly fishing for the smaller trout.

    You should try and learn a little of the salmon fishings throughout the river Kelvin.
    It is not always easy but with experience you can place yourself in the right spots at the right times and expect sport from a good number of salmon.

    How do you know I am not just “full of it”?
    Obviously if you understand my points you will not think that but incase you still doubt I can target and catch fish……
    I am an extremely experienced angler.
    I have fished for trout,salmon and all manner of coarse fish throughout Scotland since I was pre-teens.
    I caught my first Kelvin Salmon in 1992,back in the days when the kelvin was so polluted that I couldn’t get a partner to fish with.
    I have since caught over the years,in the Kelvin, a good number of Salmon to over ten pounds.
    Sea trout up to two and three quarter pounds and Brown trout to nearly three pounds.

    The Kelvin,nowadays,is a great Salmon river for the ticket price and I now no longer pay for expensive fishings as every season the number of fish running the Kelvin increases and so does my catch rate.

    Nb:to all that read this,Alistair sems to have genuine enthusiasm for his beloved kelvin trout fishing but in reality he does not even scratch the surface of the real fishing to be had on this fine city river.

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