In Birmingham!

Spending a few days down here in Birmingham…..and what do you know- Spring has given this kneck of the woods a bypass as well. Good show- cheers me up no end!

Ta Ta

2 comments to In Birmingham!

  • Alan Atkins

    i thought that spring had finally sprung on Sunday so went for a cast on the kelvin. The water was still alittle high from snow melt but i thought it would be worth a throw. I fished from 11am till about two and neither touched or saw a fish. There were a couple of olives coming off and afairly respectabler hatch of midges or gnats ( not sure which, probably the latter). But no trout braved a rise. Water and air temp still too cold even though i was using fairly heavy bugs to get down. We just need the temp to go up to over 10 and then we should see some action. Anyone else had a fish yet, or seen any !!

  • Alistair

    Not even bothered to try yet, I think next weekend will be the first time I wet a line. I too am hoping for a little warmer weather. Sound sgood though that you seen a wee hatch 🙂